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    Welcome to the ILO-China-ASEAN High Level Seminar to achieve the SDGs on Universal Social Protection through South-South and Triangular Cooperation platform.

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    According to Article 22 and Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), everyone has a right to social security and a decent standard of living, including access to essential social services. Social protection powerfully contributes to reducing poverty, exclusion, and inequality while enhancing political stability and social cohesion. It can also be a powerful tool to prevent and recover from the economic crisis, natural disasters, and conflicts. Social protection is needed for economic reasons as well. Social protection contributes to economic growth by supporting household income and thus domestic consumption. Furthermore, social protection enhances human capital and productivity, making it a critical policy for transformative national development. Social protection is therefore essential for inclusive development and social justice. 

    The 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development is composed of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Social protection, including floors, are among and contribute to five of these goals, namely SDG 1 on ending poverty, SDG 3 on ensuring healthy lives, SDG 5 on achieving gender equality, SDG 8 on promoting decent work, and SDG 10 on reducing inequality. Today nearly 73 per cent of the world’s population lack access to adequate social protection coverage. To reduce such a deficit, the ILO has launched a global campaign and a Global Flagship Programme with a view to assisting countries to provide better access to social protection to 130 million people in the next five years and 500 million by the end of 2030, in which knowledge exchange among the countries in the Global South plays an important role.

    Following the adoption of the Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202), many member States of the ILO, particularly those from the Global South, have acknowledged the importance of social protection in their development agendas and made significant progress in the extension.
    In this respect, China has rapidly expanded social security coverage in the last decade and committed to realizing universal basic social security coverage by 2020.

    As a whole, there are rich and abundant accumulated national knowledge and experience in building SPFs for all and achieving universal social protection, which are very much relevant and precious for other countries with similar socioeconomic development conditions. Exchange of these experiences among the countries from the South can help, encourage and inspire them to further their SPFs agenda and as a consequence, contribute to the reduction of the global deficit in SPFs. With the newly launched Global Flagship Programme on Building Social Protection Floors for All, the ILO’s capacity to support the establishment of tailor-made and functional SPFs in targeted countries will be increased. Based on relevant country experiences, methodologies and practical tools are developed to support country-level interventions. A knowledge development and knowledge-sharing process is created where country experiences are documented in a systematic manner and then contribute to increase the social protection knowledge base.


    The ultimate objective of the Seminar is to contribute to the implementation of the global Decent Work Agenda by way of facilitating access to Social Protection for All.

    Its immediate objective is to strengthen the capacity of ILO constituents from the Global South to build and reform their social protection policies and strategies in line with ILO Recommendation No.202, Convention No. 102 and other ILO social security standards.

    More specifically, this High-Level Seminar will provide an opportunity to:

    1. Share China’s experiences and challenges in universalizing social protection and facing new social protection challenges including the challenges resulting from demographic change.

    2. Exchange experiences and challenges faced by other participating countries in building Social Protection Floors for all and reforming social protection systems to ensure universal coverage with adequate benefits, and regional/ subregional South-South & Triangular Cooperation experiences on Social Protection.

    3. Enrich the ILO knowledge base by compiling a compendium of good national practices presented at this Seminar, which will be shared online later and contribute to the development of a number of ILO guides on SPFs.

    4. Strengthen the SSTC and partnership on SPFs, particularly through developing a strong and comprehensive partnership with China.

    5. Increase engagement in SSTC modalities through peer-to-peer approaches in sub-regional/ cross-regional cooperation projects.


    The ITC promotes a three phases approach in its learning activities:

    • Phase I: Pre-course information on the Internet-based learning platform, which will be accessible to the participants.
    • Phase II: Face-to-Face Seminar will be held from 6 to 8 September 2016 in Beijing, China.
    • Phase III: Post-Training on the Internet-based learning platform, following the face-to-face course.

    As an indication, please see below some of the topics that will be covered during the Conference:

    • Universal social protection to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through South- South Cooperation

    • Experiences and success factors from participating countries in building Social Protection Floors for all and reforming social protection systems to ensure universal coveragewith adequate benefits

    • How to create through South-South & Triangular Cooperation a broad engagement for universal social protection floors, involving governments, workers and employers’ organizations, the civil society, the business community and development partners
    During the Conference, a particular attention will be given to sharing international experience with a view to fostering cooperation between countries from the Global South.


    Participants are officials responsible for social protection policy development and implementation, social partners, researchers, development partners and other stakeholders involved in social protection policy development and implementation.



    • Programme

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        The Seminar will take place from 6-8 September 2016 at the Centennial Hall, Yuyang Hotel in Beijing. The contact details for the venue are:

        Yuyang Hotel Beijing

        Address: NO.18 Xinyuanxili Middle Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing P.R. China. 100027

        Tel: (86-10) 64669988



        北京渔阳饭店 (世纪大厅)


        电话:(86-10) 64669988


        The meeting room is located within the premises of the hotel.


        Upon arrival at the Beijing Capital International Airport, participants could take a taxi from the “Taxi Station” (just outside the waiting hall) which would cost around 100 Yuan (approx. US$ 15) to the hotel.


        During September, the weather in Beijing is cool, clear and brisk with an average temperature of 17-26°C. It can still be hot in the afternoons during early September, but it is delightfully cool in the mornings and evenings.


        The Chinese currency is the “Yuan Renminbi”: 1 US Dollar is equivalent to approximately 6.658 Yuan Renminbi  at the UN operational exchange rate applied in August 2016 (however, this value is subject to frequent fluctuations).

        In case of emergency please contact:

        Ms.   PU Su

        Programme   & Administrative Assistant

        Tel:   +39 011 6936560

        Mobile: +39 3355846867 (work cell. during the seminar   only)


        Ms.   PAN Wei

        Programme   & Administrative Assistant

        Mobile:   +86 13811363391






        • Presentations

          Please note: The Presentations will be uploaded during the Conference and you will be able to download a copy by clicking on name of the Resource Persons.  


          Title  Resource Persons 
          Panel discussion 1 Universal Social Protection to achieve the SDG through South-South and Triangular cooperation

          Mrs. Isabel Ortiz, Director of SOCPRO, ILO

          Mr. Virgilio Levaggi, Director of PARDEV, ILO

          Mr. Jin Weigang, Director, Institute of Social Insurance Studies, MOHRSS, China

          Ms. Pitchanuch Supavanich,  ASEAN Secretariat

          Ms. Song Jing, Deputy Director, Shanghai Enterprise Confederation

          Chair: Mr. Yanguo Liu, Director ITCILO

          Panel discussion 2

          Progress in extending social protection in ASEAN countries

          Mr. Sophannarith Heng, National Social Security Fund, Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Cambodia

          Ms. Amelia Diatri Tuangga Dewi, Ministry of Manpower, Indonesia

          Ms. Vanxay Souvannamethy, Deputy Director of Social Security Department, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Lao PDR

          Mr. Mohamad Asri bin Ngosman, Social Security Organization, Malaysia

           Chair: Mr. Liu Yutong, Director for Technical Cooperation,International Cooperation Department, MOHRSS, China

          Panel discussion 3

          How have countries reached universal coverage: a reflection on peer approaches

          Mr. Xu Yanjun, Deputy Director-General, Social Insurance Administration Center, MOHRSS, China

          Mr. Supasit Pannarunothai, MD PhD, Centre for Health Equity Monitoring Foundation, Thailand

          Mr. Oscar Centragólo, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

           Chair: Mr. Tim de Meyer, Director, ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia

          Panel discussion 4 

          Pensions and social security reforms

          Mr.Jia Jiang, Deputy Director-General, Department of Pension Insurance, MOHRSS, China

          Mr. Agus Susanto, President BPJS, Indonesia

          Mr. I-Ben Natangwe Nashandi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, Namibia

           Chair: Ms. Isabel Ortiz, Director of SOCPRO, ILO and Mr. Nuno Cunha, ILO, ROAP

          Panel discussion 5

          Successful cases on South-South cooperation for SPFs

          Mr. Liu Yutong, Director for Technical Cooperation, International Cooperation Department, MOHRSS, China

          Ms Mei Wei, Vice-President Geely Holding Group

          Mr. Flávio Pazeto, Embassy of Brazil in Beijing

          Mr. Helder da Costa, g7+

          Mr. Tang Hong, Director, Asia-Pacific Division, International Department, ACFTU

           Chair: Ms Anita Amorim, PARDEV ILO

          Panel discussion 6

          Successful cases on building national strategies and implementing social protection floors

          Ms Than Than NU, Director, Insurance Division, Social Security Board, Myanmar

          Ms Arildiipurev Tsevelragchaa, Director of International Cooperation Division, MoLSP, Mongolia

          Mr. Thaworn Sakunphanit, Health Insurance System Research Office, Thailand

          Mr. Luu Quang Tuan, Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs, Viet Nam

          Chair: Ms. Valerie Schmitt, ILO, SOCPRO

          • Documents & Reference Materials

            Click here to read articles prepared by panelists on South-South and Triangular Cooperation related to Social Protection