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    The Future of Work Dialogues for Young People in Fragile States

    (Liberia and Sierra Leone), 28 – 29 September 2016
    Freetown, Sierra Leone

    “Goodbye conflict: Welcome development” G7+

    The Dialogue on The Future of Work for Young People in Fragile States is a joint activity of the ILO Country Office Abuja, the International Training Centre of the ILO, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Sierra Leone and the Ministry of Labour of Liberia with the support of the G7+, organised within the framework of the ILO Future of Work Centenary Initiative and linked to the ILO Flagship Programme on Jobs for Peace and Resilience.

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    The ILO has emphasized that work is young people’s link to reality and that when that link is damaged through unemployment or bad working conditions, the consequences are serious, and in the long-term devastating. Work must not only meet young people’s material needs, but it must also respond to the individual’s quest for personnel development and the desire to contribute to something larger than one’s own and one’s family welfare. 

    The prospects of decent work for young people in fragile states are limited. Weak investment climates, frail labour institutions and security challenges, amongst others, hamper fragile states’ capacity to ensure their young populations find good quality jobs. The ILO addresses these issues by supporting governments and social partners in the design of youth employment policies and the implementation of effective skills and enterprise development programmes. 

    What is less discussed is how the evolving ways in which work and production are organized in an increasingly globalized economy affect the employment opportunities of young people in fragile states. The traditional model of enterprises as producers of goods and services through the direct employment of a workforce on a stable basis, is less and less valid. Global production systems and new business models imply that young people are less likely to find a classic full-time job and more likely to find themselves in non-standard forms of employment.

    Against this backdrop, the dialogue will look at the employment challenges of young people in sectors of high relevance to fragile states and characterized by evolving forms of work and production, in order to define commonalities that can inform action.


    By attending the Dialogue, participants will gain:

    • A better understanding of the complexity of decent work for young people in fragile states

    • Exchange knowledge and be exposed to cases and experiences to promote decent jobs for youth in fragile contexts

    • Enhanced the capacity to design and implement strategies to promote decent work for young people in fragile contexts


    This 2-day Dialogue will consist in two parts:

    • Fist day will focused to present different cases and practices to set the scene of the actual situation of young people in fragile states, also participants will have the opportunity to present their specific experiences.

    • Second day will be develop envisioning exercises to set different potential scenarios where young people will participate in the future; and will revisit the approaches employed by governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations in fragile states to promote decent work for young people in the future.


    The target group of the dialogue are policy makers’ of local and national governments; workers’ and employers’ representatives; representatives of youth organizations; academia and civil society.








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        8:30 10:00

        Welcome and official opening


        The Fragile States compass


        Jobs for youth strategy


        Envisioning the future




        10:15- 12:00

        Good Morning! TV Show simulation on

        The Future of Work”


        Case Studies Learning from experience



        Sectoral Approaches




        13:00- 16:00

        Case Studies Learning from experience


        The Debate Not just work, but decent work?

        Engaging Stakeholders and giving voice


        Moving Forward



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