Topic outline

  • Introduction

    Financial cooperatives have become one of the most utilized cooperative models by member-customers. Although it is estimated that financial cooperatives represent less than 10% of all cooperatives in the world, they account for approximately 27% of all cooperatives’ employees and over 65% of all cooperatives member-customers. Financial cooperatives are advancing financial inclusion especially through the offer of savings deposits, credits and loans, and insurance products to socially and/or economically disadvantaged people.

    Financial cooperatives face several management-related challenges. In response to the demand to improve management of financial cooperatives, many organizations provide training materials on financial cooperative management. However, a mapping of existing materials found that many of them do not cover all relevant topics, are not freely accessible, focus on national or regional contexts, and mainly target grassroots audiences. This resource platform aims to provide a comprehensive, freely accessible library that can provide support to cooperative apex organizations and support institutions.


    The goal is to support apex organisations in becoming more effective as an intermediary between government and primary financial cooperatives. It also seeks to strengthen management skills, the development and delivery of services, and their advocacy within national framework. 


    The resources cover a number of different thematic areas regarding cooperative apex organizations, their support for sustainability, strategy and development of personnel of financial cooperatives, and national frameworks and processes which can support the organizations in achieving their vision.

    Topics covered include:

    •  Management models
    •  Functions and services
    •  Risk management
    •  Financial, Social and Environmental sustainability
    •  Capacity development of personnel
    •  Policy development for financial cooperatives
    •  Advocacy, the role of an apex organization
    •  Relevant soft skills like negotiation and communication. 


    This platform serves the primary purpose of being the online resource library for the MyFinCoop training package. The majority of these resources are available to the public.

    This resource library was developed in parallel with a training package which includes open and on-demand courses which aim to strengthen the management of financial cooperatives and their apex organisations.

    If you are interested in these courses and would like to receive more information, please contact

    Participant Profile

    While the main target audience for this material are the members of management structures in apex organizations for financial cooperatives, stakeholders at macro (governments & central banks), meso (apex organizations) and micro (primary co-operatives and service providers) are invited access the content, and participate in open training courses on the subject matter. 



    This training package was made available through a partnership between the International Labour Organization, the Food and Agricultural Organization and the International Training Centre of the ILO. The development of the training package was made possible through stakeholder collaboration from representatives of apex organizations and financial cooperatives around the globe.