Blended Learning

15 September 2016

en A TOT on Sustainable Learning Solutions for the Future

Key trends and challenges that will be elaborated throughout the TOT forum will directly inform future institutional developments, policy, change and innovation and leadership.  See more >>>

5 September 2016

en GLOBAL WORKERS' ACADEMY The transition from the informal to the formal economy: trade union strategies

The course seeks to improve the technical competencies of union leaders, educators and organizers to identify and address the underlying causes of informality and the barriers to entry into the economic and social mainstream.

es ACADEMIA GLOBAL PARA TRABAJADORES Transición de la economía informal a la formal: estrategias de los sindicatos

El curso busca mejorar las competencias tcnicas de los dirigentes sindicales, educadores y organizadores para identificar y abordar las causas subyacentes de la informalidad y las barreras a la entrada a la economa formal.

fr ACADÉMIE MONDIALE DES TRAVAILLEURS La transition de l'économie informelle vers l'économie formelle : stratégies syndicales

Le cours vise amliorer les comptences techniques des dirigeants syndicaux, des ducateurs et organisateurs identifier et traiter les causes de l'informalit et les barrires l'entre dans la vie conomique et sociale.

8 August 2016

en Blended learning course on policies and practices for enterprise formalisation and SME development - South Africa

1 August 2016

es Extensión de la protección social en el contexto de las políticas de formalización

El objetivo general de este curso consiste en fortalecer las capacidades de diagnóstico, análisis y defi nición de políticas y programas para la extensión de la cobertura de la seguridad social y su vinculación con las políticas de formalización del empleo y de la economía informal.

12 July 2016

Executive course on designing and extending social protection system

Executive course on designing and extending social protection system

11 July 2016

en South-South and Triangular Cooperation Academy

South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC) can be defined as the collaboration between two or more developing countries that is guided by the principles of solidarity and non-conditionality, aiming at implementing inclusive and distributive development models that are driven by demand.

South-South and Triangular Cooperation Academy

South-South and Triangular Cooperation Academy

South-South and Triangular Cooperation Academy

Interregional trade union trainings on trade union strategies on International Labour Standards and labour law

 en  11 July 2016

Trade Union Strategies on
the use of ILS in labour law reforms




6 July 2016

en Evaluation Manager Certification Programme (new)

4 July 2016

en Interregional Academy on international labour standards with a focus on freedom of association and collective bargaining

The course aims to contribute to developing the competencies of trade unions on the ILO's standard-setting.

es Academia interregional para trabajadores sobre las normas internacionales del trabajo, con especial atención en la libertad sindical y la negociación colectiva

El curso tiene como objetivo contribuir al desarrollo de competencias de los sindicales en el establecimiento de las normas de la OIT.

fr Académie interrégionale sur les normes internationales du travail et accent mis sur la liberté syndicale et la négociation collective

Le cours vise contribuer au dveloppement des comptences des syndicats sur l'tablissement de normes de l'OIT.

20 June 2016

en Maximising Field Office Performance

ILO Office Directors play a key role in ensuring the delivery of high quality services to the ILO’s constituents through good governance and decision-making.

With a view to maximizing field office performance, this capacity building programme focused on key aspects of advanced operational-level management has been developed.

20 June 2016

en International labour standards for judges, lawyers and legal educators

This course examines international labour standards as a resource for strengthening domestic case law on labour matters.

fr Normes internationales du travail pour juges, juristes et professeurs de droit

Le cours analysera les normes internationales du travail comme ressources pour la consolidation des jurisprudences nationales en matire de travail et mettra disposition du matriel et une mthodologie pour l'enseignement de cette matire.

13 June 2016

en Career Guidance Policy and Practice: a Strategic Tool for Planners and Decision Makers in Employment, Education and Training

This course will make planners and policy-makers aware of the importance, relevance and positive impact of career guidance in developing and emerging economies.

1 June 2016

en Master - Intellectual Property 2016/2017

The curriculum aims to provide an in-depth examination of the classical topics of IP law, as well as a specialized analysis of the latest developments in the fields of patents, trademarks, domain names, copyright and related rights, design, software and databases, integrated circuits, biotechnological patents and plant varieties, the internet and e-commerce. >>  Learn more

30 May 2016

en E-procurement

This course prepares participants to play an active role in planning and implementing e-procurement projects within their organizations and in the public sector. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the legal requirements for implementation of e-procurement systems, their importance for improving operational performance and achieving cost savings; future trends and the range of available business models, including e-tendering, e-auctions and e-marketplaces. They will be equipped to draft proposals for promoting e-procurement within their own organizations.

30 May 2016

ru International Procurement Management

This two-week course covers the full spectrum of competencies needed for international competitive bidding for the acquisition of goods, works and services. It explores market research, procurement planning, pre- and post-qualification stages, the tendering process as well as bid evaluation and contract supervision functions. It uses the World Bank Standard Bidding Documents as the basis for participants' application work, as well as case studies that form part of the course curriculum.

23 May 2016

en Mainstreaming migration into policy planning

This course deals with the emergence and evolution of, and current trends in, migration and development (M&D) discourses, policies and practices.

es Integración de la migración en la planificación de las políticas

Este curso aborda la aparicin, la evolucin y las tendencias actuales en los discursos, polticas y prcticas sobre el tema de la migracin y el desarrollo (MyD).

23 May 2016

en Multinational enterprises, development and decent work: the approach of the ILO MNE Declaration

This course looks at the potential of MNEs and national enterprises to contribute to the protection of labour rights and the achievement of decent work for all.

fr Enterprises multinationales, développement et travail décent: la Déclaration de l'OIT sur les EMN

Les participants se pencheront sur les possibilits offertes aux entreprises multinationales et aux entreprises nationales pour contribuer au respect des droits du travail et la ralisation du travail dcent pour tous.

19 May 2016

en 2019 - ILS and Reporting on Domestic Workers

ar 2019 - ILS and Reporting on Domestic Workers

16 May 2016

en Job creation in fragile states

This course will familiarize participants with effective employment creation strategies in fragile contexts, drawing on experiences where such strategies have effectively boosted peace and resilience.

9 May 2016

en Global workers' academy on sustainable development goals: trade union policies and action plans

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the UN as the development agenda for the international system.

es Academia global para trabajadores sobre los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible: políticas sindicales y planes de acción

Los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) fueron adoptados por las Naciones Unidas como la agenda de desarrollo para el sistema internacional.

fr Académie mondiale des travailleurs sur les objectifs de développement durable: politiques et plans d'action des syndicats

Les Objectifs de dveloppement durable (ODD) adopts par les Nations Unies sont les pierres angulaires du nouvel agenda international du dveloppement.

9 May 2016

Formation tripartite sur les accords bilatéraux de migration de travail-Atelier tripartite sous-régional d’échange et de réflexion

Formation tripartite sur les accords bilatéraux de migration de travail-Atelier tripartite sous-régional d’échange et de réflexion

26 April 2016

en Capacity Building Programme on the Use of Information Technology in Training for the Faculty Members and Officers of VVGNLI

This course will provide VVGNLI trainers with knowledge and competencies needed to design and implement e-Learning courses. In a broader perspective, the course contributes to the general question of how e-Learning and information and communication technology can contribute to the promotion of lifelong learning and enhance individual and organizational performance. 

25 April 2016

en Effective ILO programming for staff in the Field

1 April 2016

en Employers Young Professionals Academy 2016

 A tailor-made and practical training programme for Employers' Organizations' young  professionals to strengthen both personal and organizational capacity

21 March 2016

Impact evaluation from theory to practice

This training programme, tailor-made to the needs expressed by the Monitoring and Evaluation Units of the Trakya Development Agency, brings participants to explore in depth impact evaluations. Firstly, participants will review the concepts underpinning project evaluations, secondly participants will be provided the knowledge, competencies and skills to design and to plan impact evaluations and thirdly they will apply those tools and techniques to their own projects. 

14 March 2016

en DW4SD ToT Guide

The DW4SD ToT platform is a web-based device for knowledge management and sharing on decent work and sustainable development, including good practice models, documents and tools for mainstreaming employment and decent work into SDG processes, as well as related training courses. The platform is populated by material from the ILO and other organizations.

7 March 2016

Workshop: Decent Work and Sustainable Development

The promotion of Decent Work is prominent in the new 2030 Agenda. This course has been developed with all ILO staff in mind to address the implementation of the DWA within the framework of this new Agenda. 

15 February 2016

fr Communiquer sur les droits au travail: Une formation pour les professionnels des médias

Cette formation est organisée et réalisée par le Centre international de formation de l'OIT (CIF-OIT) en collaboration avec l’Equipe d’appui technique de l’OIT au travail décent pour l’Afrique centrale et le bureau de pays de l’OIT pour le Cameroun, Sao Tomé-et-Principe et la Guinée équatoriale (ETD/BP Yaoundé).


15 February 2016

ar مقدمة إلى السلامة و الصحة المهنيتين في مكان العمل

 السلامة و الصحة المهنية  تخصص يهدف إلى الوقاية من الإصابات و الأمراض المرتبطة بمزاولة النشاط المهني و الوقاية الصحية و تعزيز صحة العمال. و من أجل بلوغ هذا الهدف أصبح هناك توجه جديد نحو تحسين ظروف و شروط العمل.

8 February 2016

AfDB - Training on New Procurement Policy

In order to ensure the smooth entry into effectiveness of the proposed framework, the Bank, in collaboration with the ITCILO, has developed a training package for the Bank procurement staff. The workshops provide a close and practical exposure to various new issues that the Bank’s procurement staff will face as well as some traditional topics that have gained in importance under the new framework. 

8 February 2016

fr Nouvelle Politique d’Acquisition de la BAD

Afin d'assurer une entrée en vigueur «en souplesse» du cadre proposé, la Banque, en collaboration avec le CIF-OIT, a mis au point un programme de formation «sur mesure» pour le personnel de la Banque chargé de la passation des marchés, offrant une approche pratique sur les diverses nouveautés que les spécialistes de l'approvisionnement de la Banque devront utiliser. 

1 February 2016

en Training of Trainers Certification Programme - PAST

The Training of Trainers Certification Programme enables ILO officials - involved in capacity development initiatives - to acquire and upgrade training and facilitation skills and techniques. ILO officials are required to prove their competences through an assessment process which will lead to their certification as ILO Trainers. See more ->

1 February 2016

en Certificate of Achievement Course in Industrial and Employment Relations

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Certificate of Achievement Course in Industrial and Employment Relations 

The Certificate of Achievement Course in Industrial and Employment Relations, offered by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO), aims at developing specialized multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of industrial and employment relations from a comparative viewpoint. It will provide participants with theoretical and practical understanding of industrial and employment relations systems in the world, by looking into recent changes and trends in the major economic geographical areas

25 January 2016

pt Dialogo politico

14 December 2015

Women's Entrepreneurship Development - 2015

30 November 2015

fr Académie sur la mise en conformité des lieux de travail par l'inspection du travail

Academie sur la mise en conformité des lieux de travail par l'inspection du travail




30 November 2015

es Academia sobre el cumplimiento de las normas en el lugar de trabajo mediante la inspección del trabajo

Academia Sobre el Cumplimiento de las normas en el lugar de trabajo mediante la inspección del trabajo





23 November 2015

en Transition to formal economy - Forum

The Global Knowledge sharing forum is a platform for open and
interactive discussion between public decision-makers, social partners and institutional partners on what has worked on the transition processes at national, regional and global levels; as well as to identify key issues and challenges relating to enhancing the operationalization of the ILO’s recommendation on transition to formality.

9 November 2015

en Master - Management of Development 2015/2016

The International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) in partnership with the University of Turin offers this 1st level Master in Management of Development which is designed as an intensive blended learning programme with a succession of three phases: internet- based distance learning, interactive classroom attendance, and practical research workThis Master programme is in its 15th edition and has been successfully pursued by more than 450 students from more than 80 countries. 

6 November 2015

en Procurement management

The Bocconi School of Management in partnership with the Sustainable Development Programme (SDP) of theInternational Training Center of the ILO (ITC-ILO) are pleased to present the Module on Procurement Management, part of the Executive Master in Management of International Organizations

2 November 2015

en Academy on Labour Market Statistics and Analysis

The main objective of the Academy is to enhance ILO member
countries’ capacity to collect, process, disseminate, analyse, and
interpret labour market information that is aligned with the latest
international statistical standards.

2 November 2015

es Foro regional sobre economía verde para América Latina

La Alianza para la Acción hacia la Economía Verde (PAGE, por sus siglas en inglés) realizará su primer Foro regional sobre economía verde para América Latina, una experiencia única de formación e intercambio de experiencias que se llevará a cabo del 2 al 6 de noviembre de 2015 en Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

30 October 2015

Promover a inclusão de mulheres nas cadeias de valor da indústria extrativa

26 October 2015

pt Comece e desenvolva o seu negócio de construção verde

Comece e Desenvolva o Seu Negócio de Construção Verde (CDSNCV) é um programa de formação-gestão da unidade de Empregos Verdes da Organização Internacional do Trabalho (OIT) que pretende dotar as empresas de construção civil dos instrumentos necessários para a identificação de oportunidades de negócios de construção verde, aumentar a competitividade mediante a promoção de processos de desenvolvimento sustentável e melhorar a gestão das empresas de construção.

12 October 2015

en Rural Development Academy

Welcome to the Rural Development Academy.

es Academia de Desarrollo Rural

Bienvenidos a la Academia de Desarrollo Rural.

30 September 2015

Projeto Conjunto Mozambique

Este programa pretende contribuir para melhor articulação, entre os principais intervenientes na área, para promover meios de subsistência sustentáveis para os jovens, com especial enfoque na mulher, através da implementação de políticas económicas e as estratégias para a criação de emprego sustentável.

19 August 2015

en Transition to formal economy

The ILO, working in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) in Turin, the Department of Employment Policies at the headquarters of the Organization in Geneva and organized FORLAC program, sponsored by the Ministry of Labourand Employment Promotion, a regional workshop for sharing knowledge in Lima, Peru, for the Latin America and the Caribbean.

29 June 2015

en Decent Work for Youth

The objective of the course “Decent Work for Youth” is to develop the capacity of ILO constituents to tackle the multi-faceted dimensions of the youth employment challenge. Learn more >>>

9 May 2015

en Evolving forms of employment relationships and decent work

This course aims to strengthen the capacity of public institutions, social partners and other stakeholders to use international labour standards in order to enhance the labour rights and social protection of workers in "non-standard" employment relationships. It also examines regional and national experiences.

1 May 2015

es La inspección de la seguridad y salud en el trabajo

Seguridad y salud en el trabajo (SST) es una disciplina que trata de la prevención de lesiones y enfermedades relacionadas con el trabajo, así como la protección y promoción de la salud de los trabajadores. Su objetivo es la mejora de las condiciones de trabajo y medio ambiente

1 May 2015

en Young Trade Union Leaders Academy

Within the framework of the ILO-EC cooperation, the Programme for Workers’ Activities of the International Training Centre of the ILO (ACTRAV-Turin), in partnership with the ETUC, is launching an EU-funded project entitled ‘Academy for Young Trade Union Leaders’.  This pilot project is a new capacity-building initiative by the Programme for Workers’ Activities at the ITC-ILO that links industrial relations and social dialogue with young people (under 35).