Procurement management

12 April 2021

en Certification Programme on Procurement Management for Works - ed. 2

This online certification programme will explore the technical and procedural competencies needed for successful conduct of procurement processes for the provision of public infrastructure, for example public buildings, highways and bridges, water and sewerage networks, irrigation canals and so on. It provides a detailed explanation of how internationally recognized procurement principles are reflected in the stipulations of the standard pre-qualification and procurement documents for all categories and investment budgets of construction contracts, whether large works or smaller and simple works. Emphasis is placed on analyzing risks influencing the choice of the optimal procurement and contracting strategy, the implications of the choice of type of contract for the cost of the procurement, and the supervisory skills for ensuring effective performance by the selected contractors.

12 April 2021

fr Programme de Certification sur la passation des marchés de travaux - éd. 1

Ce programme de certification en ligne offre une couverture complte de l'ensemble des comptences techniques, procdurales et commerciales ncessaires la bonne mise en uvre de chaque tape du processus de passation de marchs portant sur les infrastructures publiques, par exemple les btiments publics, les autoroutes et les ponts, les rseaux d'approvisionnement en eau potable et d'vacuation des eaux uses, les canaux d'irrigation, etc. Il donnera une explication dtaille de la manire dont les principes de passation des marchs reconnus au niveau international sont reflts dans les termes et conditions des documents types de prqualification et de passation des marchs pour toutes les catgories et tous les budgets d'investissement des contrats de construction, par exemple les grands travaux, les petits travaux et les travaux simples. L'accent sera mis sur l'analyse des risques qui influencent le choix de la stratgie optimale de passation de marchs et de contrats et des explications seront donnes sur les implications du choix du type de contrat en ce qui concerne le cot de la passation et les comptences de supervision requises pour garantir l'excution efficace du contrat par les adjudicataires retenus.

15 March 2021

en Certification Programme on Procurement Management for Goods and Physical Services - ed.2

This online certification programme provides comprehensive coverage of the whole spectrum of technical, procedural and business competencies needed for successful implementation of each step of the procurement process (needs identification, market research, procurement planning, competition/bidding procedures, bid evaluation, contract award and contract management) for goods and physical services. It brings together experts in procurement management, as well as creative thinkers, in a collaborative and instructive online space.

15 March 2021

fr Programme de certification sur la passation de marchés de fournitures et de services physiques éd.1

22 February 2021

en Advanced Contract Management for IsDB

11 January 2021

en Works Procurement Management for IsDB

9 November 2020

en Procurement Management of Consultancy Services for IsDB

19 October 2020


This course is designed to improve the ability of borrowers' staff and public procurement personnel to apply World Bank Procurement Framework and Regulations for Projects after July 1, 2016, and related standard requests for proposals (SRFP), in the areas of consultancy assignment selection, recruitment, and supervision. Each presentation is followed by practical assignments and/or group work to find solutions to typical procurement problems associated with consultancy contracts.

19 October 2020

en 20-21 Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

The Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development explores the legislative, regulatory, organizational and managerial foundations of a modern public procurement system. It aims to help bridge the current deficit in qualified human resources and to enable procurement professionals to cope with the challenges of regulating, executing and monitoring public procurement in an economic and socially responsive manner while mitigating adverse environmental impacts. The Master is a unique blended-learning opportunity that combines the study of policy tools and theory with applied assignments and research work. It provides direct access to expertise from academia, international organizations and think tanks, as well as the latest literature and cutting-edge research in preparation for a range of highly developed functions connected with public procurement management and its supervision.

5 October 2020


This course covers procurement and contract management for works in national development projects, in particular the construction, renovation and maintenance of public infrastructure and buildings. Participants will explore the competencies needed for successful procurement in respect of public infrastructure works. They will also study the key provisions of the 2016 World Bank Procurement Framework and Regulations for Projects and related bidding documents for construction contracts.