4 December 2017

en Eliminating Child Labour in Agriculture

This course provides theory and practice concerning strategies, policies and programmes to combat child labour in agriculture and promote decent work for young people. Special attention is paid to older children (15 - 17 years).

4 December 2017

ru Selection and recruitment of consultants in World Bank funded projects копия 1

This course is designed to upgrade the ability of borrowers' staff and public procurement personnel to apply World Bank Procurement Regulations and related requests for proposals (RFP) in the areas of consultancy assignment selection, recruitment, and supervision. Each presentation is followed by practical assignments and/or group work to find solutions to the typical procurement problems that arise with consultancy contracts. This course reflects also the WB Procurement Framework and Regulations for Projects after July 1, 2016.

4 December 2017

en Improving OSH in Small and Micro Enterprises

Small and micro enterprises (SMEs) are an important part of a nation's economic activities, however, due to the deficits in both human and financial resources, SMEs tend to have higher rates of work-related accident and diseases. In addition to the huge human suffering, as SMEs employ a large proportion of the workforce in many countries, lower productivity in SMEs caused by a higher rate of work-related accidents and diseases will prevent sustainable national economic growth. As it is, the poor development of occupational safety and health (OSH) in the SMEs is considered a widespread issue in most countries, and it frequently constitutes one of the priorities in the national political action on OSH. The problem arises from many factors such as the lack of awareness towards the issue, the insufficient knowledge and resources, the absence of the adequate external support adapted to the SMEs, etc. Although there are probably no universal solutions to the issue, there are different experiences and best practices worldwide that can be shared in other countries. Labour inspection plays a main role in improving workplace compliance of OSH legislation, however, SMEs, as many of them are in the informal economy, tend to be out of the reach of the formal institutions of labour inspectorate. At the same time, the role of OSH inspection has been gradually changing as a result of the increased responsibility taken by enterprises with respect to OSH. Mechanisms for the self-assessment of occupational risks have been implemented to this end and OSH inspection concentrates more on preventative and advisory activities during inspection visits.

4 December 2017

en Measuring and monitoring informality

This course is the first in a series on the Transition to the Formal Economy. It offers diagnostic tools and methodologies to measure informality, as well as to monitor and evaluate policies and programmes on the transition from the informal to the formal economy. Participants may attend also the following course (back-to back) on Designing an Integrated Policy Framework for the Transition to Formal Economy.

27 November 2017

en Management of Vocational Training Centres

This highly participative course aims to improve the management of vocational training centres, responding to the needs of the labour market, while maximizing internal and external efficiency. Modules, group work and participants' presentations relate to, and troubleshoot issues in, education/training; planning; organization; management of personnel; quality control and impact evaluation; budgeting and financing, including the business plan and autonomy of vocational training centres.

20 November 2017

en Transition from the Informal to the Formal Economy: Trade Union Strategies

This course aims to equip union representatives with the relevant knowledge and skills to support their unions' effort in tackling the barriers that impede the entry of workers into the economic and social mainstream.

fr Transition de l'économie informelle vers l'économie formelle: stratégies syndicales

Ce cours conférera aux participants les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour appuyer les efforts déployés par leur organisation pour éliminer les obstacles qui empêchent l'intégration des travailleurs dans la vie économique et sociale.

13 November 2017

en Policies and practises for enterprise formalisation and small enterprise development

The course provides examples of promising practices relating to SME development and enterprise formalization, as well as space for tripartite actors and practitioners to reflect on the country adaptation of interventions models that work. Participants will discuss the constraints and challenges faced by SMEs and micro-enterprises in the informal economy, and will share and exchange on policies and strategies that have been adopted in some countries to overcome such constraints with a view to facilitating the transition of enterprises to the formal sector. Measures such as taxation, administrative obligations, social security, legislation (commercial, labour, property), enforcement, enterprise upgrading (access to markets, access to technology, credit and inputs, access to skills) and legal protection will be presented and their effectiveness reviewed.

7 November 2017

fr Normes internationales du travail pour juges, juristes et professeurs de droit

30 October 2017

en Decent work for youth: A course for policy-makers and practitioners

Promoting decent jobs for young people in a comprehensive and appropriate manner is at the centre of the ILO's 2012 report "The Youth Employment Crisis: a Call for Action".

fr Travail décent pour les jeunes: un cours pour les décideurs et les praticiens

La promotion des emplois décents pour les jeunes de manière globale et appropriée est au centre du rapport 2012 de l'OIT "La crise de l'emploi des jeunes: un appel à l'action".

25 September 2017

en Learning forum on innovations in public investment and employment programmes

The forum will focus on a set of policy and operational measures which can enhance the effectiveness and impact of public investment in infrastructure and public employment programmes in the context of a long-term development framework.

fr Forum d'apprentissage sur les innovations dans les investissements et les programmes publics pour l'emploi

Le forum se concentrera sur un ensemble de politiques et mesures opérationnelles qui peuvent améliorer l'efficacité et l'impact des investissements publics dans l'infrastructure et des programmes publics pour l'emploi dans un cadre de développement à long terme.