13 November 2017

en Indigenous and Tribal Peoples: Rights and Development

This course aims to strengthen international, national and local capacity to promote and apply indigenous peoples' rights and to integrate indigenous peoples' rights and perspectives into development frameworks.

es Pueblos indígenas y tribales: Derechos y desarrollo

Este curso tiene la finalidad de ampliar la capacidad internacional, nacional y local para promover y aplicar los derechos de los pueblos indígenas e integrar los derechos y las perspectivas de dischos pueblos en los marcos de desarrollo.

13 September 2017

en 2017 - International labour standards for judges

4 September 2017

en Value-chain development: Moving from analysis to action

Do you want to move from analysis to action in value-chain development? Do you want to know how to facilitate the development of sustainable business models to secure lasting results? Do you want to know how to facilitate market system development? Do you want to know how to strengthen inclusive market systems? Do you want your enterprise development project to engage the private sector? Do you want to know how to manage value-chain development programmes? If so, this training course is for YOU!

10 July 2017

en 2017 - Evolving forms of employment relationships and decent work

This course aims to strengthen the capacity of public institutions, social partners and other stakeholders to use international labour standards to enhance the labour rights and social protection of workers in "non-standard" employment relationships. It also examines regional and national experiences.

10 July 2017

en Green building and construction: pathway towards inclusive growth and the creation of decent and green jobs

Faced with an increased demand for affordable quality housing, many countries in Africa, Asia and South America have recognized the potential of green building and construction in terms of social, economic and environmental development. Greening the building and construction industry can lead to the creation of significant numbers of green and decent jobs, while contributing to environmental sustainability and improving access to quality housing, especially for lower and middle-income population groups. But how do you start "greening" your building and construction business while remaining competitive and affordable? What "eco-system" is needed to facilitate the transition to a greener built environment? What actors do you involve? What kind of policies need to be developed? What skills set is required? What are the implications for job creation? Drawing on concrete experience and case studies, this course will contribute to a better understanding of the conditions required for incubating green building and construction at country level.

22 May 2017

en International labour standards for judges, lawyers and legal educators

This course examines international labour standards as a resource for strengthening domestic case law on labour matters.

fr Normes internationales du travail pour juges, juristes et professeurs de droit

Le cours analysera les normes internationales du travail comme ressources pour la consolidation des jurisprudences nationales en matière de travail et mettra à disposition du matériel et une méthodologie pour l'enseignement de cette matière.

22 May 2017

en International labour standards

By examining the procedures and substance of the international labour standards system, the course aims to strengthen capacity to follow standards-related procedures, including reporting obligations under the ILO Constitution.

es Normas internacionales del trabajo

A través del examen de los procedimientos y del contenido del sistema de normas internacionales del trabajo, el curso tiene por objetivo fortalecer la capacidad de aplicar los procedimientos relativos a las normas internacionales del trabajo, incluido el cumplimiento de las obligaciones sobre la presentación de memorias de conformidad con la Constitución de la OIT.

fr Normes internationales du travail

À travers l'examen des procédures et du contenu du système des normes internationales du travail, le cours vise à renforcer la capacité d'appliquer les procédures liées aux normes internationales du travail, y compris l'obligation de présenter des rapports en vertu de la Constitution de l'OIT.

22 May 2017

en Including Diversity and Preventing Discrimination Standards

Workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse and this can bring benefits to organizations, individuals and societies. But diversity inclusion presents challenges that must be understood and addressed. In this training course, we will analyse the various aspects and root causes of discrimination in the world of work and discuss strategies for overcoming barriers to workplace equality, promoting diversity inclusion and helping organizations identify common values and purpose.

8 May 2017

Multinational enterprises, development and decent work: the approach of the ILO MNE Declaration - 2017 edition

Multinational enterprises, development and decent work: the approach of the ILO MNE Declaration - 2017 edition