Blended courses

19 October 2020

en 20-21 Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

The Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development explores the legislative, regulatory, organizational and managerial foundations of a modern public procurement system. It aims to help bridge the current deficit in qualified human resources and to enable procurement professionals to cope with the challenges of regulating, executing and monitoring public procurement in an economic and socially responsive manner while mitigating adverse environmental impacts. The Master is a unique blended-learning opportunity that combines the study of policy tools and theory with applied assignments and research work. It provides direct access to expertise from academia, international organizations and think tanks, as well as the latest literature and cutting-edge research in preparation for a range of highly developed functions connected with public procurement management and its supervision.

14 September 2020

en Online Certification Programme on Project Design (Online)

7 September 2020

en Online Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop for DEY

To measure success and report on project/programme progress and results, development cooperation practitioners and public sector managers create monitoring and evaluation systems.

Systems that allow extracting lessons learned from the experience to support a virtuous improvement process, accountability and organizational learning. Learning to improve in the long-term the knowledge base and the institution capacities, but also to improve in the short-term the project/programme performance.

Development cooperation interventions are implemented in a constantly evolving environment which means for managers uncertainty and need for adaptation. Monitoring the project progress and its changing environment is critical to ensure that projects once started will always proceed in the right direction. Collecting and analysing data on project progress, performance indicators and the external environment is indispensable to report accurate information to decision makers thereby improving the likelihood that appropriate decisions and corrective actions are made when needed to maintain the project/programme on track.

Development cooperation remains in 2020 mainly financed through public funds. Thus, donors and managers are accountable to taxpayers and beneficiaries. Assessing ‘value for money’ of development assistance is a function that monitoring and evaluation systems should incorporate. Evaluating project relevance, impact, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability is necessary to maximize learning, to improve project management processes and to demonstrate to partners, value for money.

The uniqueness of each development cooperation intervention’s context and strategy makes them experiential and requires from managers an ongoing learning effort. In this respect, evaluating projects helps managers to identify gaps, success stories and lessons learned that could improve the way future interventions are designed and implemented.

To create a monitoring and evaluation system and to build the foundation of such system for project implementation, it first requires managers to design a results framework and to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan.

In this monitoring and evaluation universe, the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) organizes and facilitates a series of online workshops to validate the results framework and to create a monitoring and evaluation plan of the Decent Employment for Youth in Cambodia (DEY) joint programme.

2 September 2020

es Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health (ES 2020)

8 June 2020

es Programa de Certificación Sobre Diseño de Proyectos (en línea)

Este programa de certificacin tiene como objetivo fortalecer el conocimiento y las habilidades de los participantes en el diseo y redaccin de propuestas de proyectos, incluyendo la supervisin de dichos procesos. Otro objetivo del curso es mejorar la capacidad de los participantes para identificar y aprovechar de las oportunidades del entorno para movilizar recursos financieros para realizar proyectos. Al profesionalizar y certificar las capacidades de su personal, las organizaciones que patrocinan a los participantes para este programa vern fortalecida su propia capacidad institucional para disear proyectos exitosos y recaudar fondos para ellos

1 June 2020

es INSAFORP - Programa de Certificación de Formadores - segundo ingreso

21 May 2020

en E-Coaching support on Labour Migration, Employment and Reintegration in Ghana and Nigeria

10 May 2020

fr Programme de certification en conception de projets (ONLINE)

Le programme de certification en conception de projets permet aux candidats d'acqurir les connaissances, les habilets et les attitudes ncessaires pour concevoir et rdiger des propositions de projet convaincantes. Au travers du programme, les participants explorent galement le thme de la mobilisation de ressources financires essentielles l'activation des projets. Grce la professionnalisation et la certification de ses professionnels en conception de projets, les organisations renforcent ainsi leurs capacits institutionnelles pour tre des acteurs du changement et pour mobiliser des ressources afin de remplir leur propre mandat.

22 April 2020

en Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Services for Migrants (IOM)

13 April 2020

en ToT EBMO Management (Advocacy - Membership - Revenue Building)