Blended courses

9 September 2019

en Master in OSH 2019

The University of Turin, Italy, in partnership with the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO), the International Labour Office (ILO) and the International Commission of Occupational Health (ICOH) is offering a Master course in Occupational Safety and Health. This one-year programme, conducted in English, includes an internet-based distance learning phase and a face-to-face residential phase at the ITCILO campus in Turin, followed by another distance phase for the preparation of the dissertation. The proposed programme combines the advantages of both sound academic input and the international training experience of the organizing partners. An international approach has been applied to the contents, methodology development and composition of the training team. This programme involves participants from both developing and developed countries, who will have opportunity to share their different experiences. It also comprises a range of learning situations in which participants can enhance their analytical and problem-solving skills.

2 September 2019

fr Master Training en gestion des organisations d'employeurs

2 September 2019

en Certification course on conciliation/mediation of labour disputes

2 September 2019

en ILO participatory gender audit facilitator certification - 2019

The certification will provide facilitators with an organizational analysis method for detecting and mapping discrimination at work; analysing accountability, evaluating and monitoring systems and instruments; developing a change-management approach and action planning; identifying new challenges and possible improvements.

26 August 2019

Regional Trade Union Lawyers and Practitioners' Training on International Labour Standards and the ILO Supervisory Mechanism 2019

15 July 2019

en TRADE UNION TRAINING ON LABOUR MIGRATION: “Mainstreaming ILS and SDGs in Trade Union Initiatives on Decent Work for Migrant Workers”

This blended trade-union training course aims to foster a better understanding of the challenges of global labour migration. It will help in shaping trade-union strategies and actions to address the decent work deficits faced by migrant workers and their families. The aim is to enable trade unions to effectively participate in developing pathways, policies, standards and programmes for fair and safe labour migration, influencing labour migration processes through tripartism and social dialogue, and the ratification and implementation of ILO labour migration standards (C97 and C143). Experts will provide input and lead the discussions and learning sessions on the relevant ILO conventions, the UN's Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration, and other international instruments that promote a rights-based approach to the governance of labour migration. Specialists and practitioners will share information, experience and good practices in providing critical services to migrant workers through union-managed migrant resource centres, harnessing inter-union partnerships and networks, organizing collective bargaining, and initiating bi-partite dialogue with employers' organizations and other stakeholders. This blended course includes a three-week, tutor-guided distance-learning component and a five-day face-to-face training course.

1 July 2019

en Social health protection: sustainable financing and leadership

This course will identify inequities in access to health care and their main causes.

fr Protection sociale en santé: financement durable et leadership

Ce cours se penchera sur les ingalits dans l'accs effectif et leurs causes principales, sur l'importance de l'assurance maladie sociale dans les situations de crise et d'aprs-crise, sur les questions lies la faisabilit d'un nouveau rgime, sur la conception des contributions et des prestations adquates, sur le contrle de l'offre de services, ainsi que sur la bonne gouvernance et le financement des rgimes.

1 July 2019

en Regional Trade Union Training on Tripartism, Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining

Dear Participants,

When you are ready, please email a copy of your country reports (in work of PowerPoint format) to and to me at You may also upload a copy in the eCampus.

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30 June 2019

en Certificate Training for Trade Union Paralegals in the RMG Sector

24 June 2019

en Tripartism, social dialogue and collective bargaining

This course aims to develop the skills and competencies of trade unions in relation to tripartism, social dialogue and collective bargaining.

es Tripartismo, diálogo social y negociación colectiva

Este curso aspira a contribuir al desarrollo de capacidades y competencias sindicales relativas al tripartismo, el dilogo social y la negociacin colectiva.

fr Tripartisme, dialogue social et négociation collective

Ce cours vise contribuer au dveloppement des capacits et des comptences des syndicats en matire de tripartisme, de dialogue social et de ngociation collective.

24 June 2019

en Trade union training on international labour standards with a focus on freedom of association and collective bargaining

This course aims to develop the competencies of trade unions in relation to the ILO's standards setting mechanisms.

es Formación sindical sobre Normas internacionales del trabajo con especial atención a la libertad sindical y la negociación colectiva

El curso aspira a contribuir al desarrollo de las competencias sindicales en lo relativo a los mecanismos de elaboracin de las normas de la OIT.

fr Formation syndicale sur les normes internationales du travail, avec un accent sur la liberté syndicale et la négociation collective

Le cours vise contribuer au dveloppement des comptences des syndicats en ce qui concerne les mcanismes de fixation des normes de l'OIT.

ar Trade union training on international labour standards with a focus on freedom of association and collective bargaining

This course aims to develop the competencies of trade unions in relation to the ILO's standards setting mechanisms.

24 June 2019

en EBMOs and Sustainable Development Goals

24 June 2019

en Certification course on Conciliation/Mediation of labour disputes 2019

This course aims to verify and enhance participants' knowledge of the conciliation and mediation of labour disputes. It will also provide participants with a complete set of conciliation/mediation skills that will be a valuable asset for their present and future careers.

20 June 2019

en ToT for National Trainers

5 June 2019

en National Training of Trainers in Da Nang - Digital Inclusion Vietnam Project

3 June 2019

en Promotion of labour migration standards for sustainable development

The significance of labour migration for development has been gaining prominence in global, continental, regional and national discourse.

pt Promoção das Normas de Migração Laboral para Promover o Desenvolvimento Sustentável

Enquanto agenda para o desenvolvimento, a migrao laboral tem vindo a ganhar uma posio de destaque na lista das principais prioridades assumidas no discurso a nvel mundial, continental, regional e nacional.

27 May 2019

Introduction to Participatory Gender Audit-Ukraine

13 May 2019


6 May 2019

en Results-Based Management in International and Public Sector Organizations (OPEN)

Management is about achieving results. Organizations applying Results-Based Management (RBM) articulate their vision through a strategic plan operationalized through programmes and then projects. This course explores the elements of an integrated results-based management system built around a set of desired long-term, medium-term and short-term results and an array of intermediate deliverables and activities which need to be monitored with respect to time, scope, quality and cost. The training sessions focus on the practical application of RBM concepts and techniques, and on the development of an effective performance management system that can track actual achievements against planned strategy, programme and project objectives in real time.


6 May 2019

es Formación sindical sobre Tripartismo, Diálogo Social y Negociación Colectiva

El objetivo general de este curso es el de mejorar las capacidades de los/las responsables sindicales para la formulacin e implementacin de estrategias concertadas a travs del dilogo social tripartito y/o la negociacin colectiva para una mejor defensa de los derechos laborales y sociales, sobre la base de instrumentos producidos por la OIT y otros organismos e instituciones, y la aplicacin de metodologas sindicales especficas. Se dar especial atencion a la Negociacin Colectiva como capacidad autnoma de los agentes sociales, y expresin bipartita del Dilogo social en el mbito de la realaciones laborales, que debe ser respetada y facilitada por los gobiernos, para que las partes puedan llegar a acuerdos en materia de condiciones laborales y de trabajo.

23 April 2019

es Macro-Economía para negociadores sociales

1 April 2019

en Project Cycle Management (OPEN)

The course aims to provide participants with a complete set of competencies, techniques, tools and good practices to manage all project life-cycle phases: project identification, preparation, implementation/monitoring and evaluation. It is based on the principles of results-based management and on the logical framework approach. The course uses the latest standards adopted by international organizations, such as the ILO, EU, UN agencies and development banks. It also includes a one-day study visit to explore public-private partnership projects.


25 March 2019

en Strategic planning workshop for the IMDC - T3

18 March 2019

en Trade union training on social security

This course aims to enhance the capacity of trade-union representatives from selected African countries to increase the coverage and effectiveness of social protection systems in Africa, with a view to improving the equity, resilience and opportunity of these systems within the context of national goals and priorities and Agenda 2030 (SDGs).

fr Formation syndicale sur la sécurité sociale

Ce cours vise contribuer au renforcement des capacits des reprsentants syndicaux de certains pays d'Afrique en matire de couverture et d'efficacit des systmes de protection sociale, en vue d'en assurer l'quit, la rsilience et l'opportunit dans le cadre des objectifs et priorits nationaux et du Programme de dveloppement durable l'horizon 2030.

4 March 2019

fr Concevoir et rédiger des propositions de projets convaincantes (OPEN)

L'un des principaux outils utilisés pour mobiliser le soutien et les ressources nécessaires à la réalisation des objectifs stratégiques des organisations se révèle être le projet de coopération pour le développement ou d'investissement public. Afin d'identifier, de concevoir et de réaliser ces projets, les organisations internationales, les institutions publiques et les organisations de la société civile font traditionnellement appel à des experts issus des domaines techniques dans lequel les projets prennent leurs racines. Ces experts techniques se retrouvent souvent assignés à la conception de projets sans avoir été exposés aux concepts, aux outils et aux techniques utilisés pour formuler des propositions de projets complètes, bien structurées et convaincantes qui pourront servir à mobiliser des ressources extrabudgétaires. Afin d'augmenter les chances d'être pris en compte, il est important que la proposition de projet et surtout le document de projet contiennent des informations pertinentes, détaillées, bien structurées et convaincantes sur le projet que l'on s'engage à présenter.


11 December 2018

en Decent Work for Domestic Workers (DW4DW)

There has been increasing recognition, nationally and internationally, of the economic and social contribution of domestic workers and of the need to improve their living and working conditions.

ar Decent Work for Domestic Workers (DW4DW)

There has been increasing recognition, nationally and internationally, of the economic and social contribution of domestic workers and of the need to improve their living and working conditions.

3 December 2018

en Leadership and Motivation Skills: Making Team Effective (OPEN)

The course is designed for managers in charge of small to medium size teams, project coordinators, programme managers, chiefs of technical departments, mid and senior level managers as well as managers of NGOs.

The course aims to upgrade the competencies of participants in mobilising and managing effective teams through developing their leadership and motivation styles and through adapting these to the evolving contexts.


29 October 2018

en Master in International Trade Law 2019

Distance Learning starting date

22 October 2018

en Empowering Gender Focal Points: agents of organisational change (BLENDED)

This training course, which is delivered both online and residentially in Turin, will provide GFPs with an introduction to the UN gender architecture and explore strategies and tools for identifying and addressing gender equality obstacles within organizations. It will examine gender mainstreaming tools (such as gender markers, the UN scorecard and the UN system-wide policy on gender equality) and their concrete application to build a community of practice that fosters discussion and sharing of good practices.

15 October 2018

en Master Management of Development

The International Training Centre of the ILO (the Centre), under the auspices of its Turin School of Development and in partnership with the University of Turin, offers this Master in Management of Development. The Master is an intensive blended learning programme with three successive phases: internet-based distance learning, interactive classroom attendance, and practical research work. This Master programme, conducted in English, is in its 18th edition and has been successfully completed by approximately 540 students from more than 80 countries worldwide.