Self-guided DL

10 May 2021

en Global Academy on the Green Economy

The Academy on the Green Economy gathers policymakers, UN agencies and non-state actors to share country efforts and experiences towards a more sustainable, inclusive and green recovery.

es Academia global sobre la economía verde

La Academia Global en lnea sobre la Economa Verde rene a responsables polticos, organismos de la ONU y actores no estatales para compartir medidas y experiencias nacionales orientadas a una recuperacin ms sostenible, inclusiva y verde.

fr L'academie mondiale sur l'economie verte

L'Acadmie mondiale en ligne sur l'conomie verte rassemble des dcideurs, des agences de l'ONU et des acteurs non tatiques pour qu'ils puissent partager les expriences et les efforts nationaux en vue d'une relance plus durable, inclusive et verte.

2 May 2021

en Design and implementation of ALMPs

19 April 2021

en Green jobs for sustainable development: Concepts and practices

This course provides an interactive e-learning opportunity to explore green jobs concepts and emerging practices.

es Empleos verdes para el desarrollo sostenible: conceptos y prácticas

Este curso proporciona una oportunidad de aprendizaje a distancia interactivo que permite la adquisicin de conocimientos sobre conceptos clave en materia de empleos verdes y prcticas emergentes.

6 April 2021

en Working Times and Teleworking

15 March 2021

en Certification Programme on Procurement Management for Goods and Physical Services - ed.2

This online certification programme provides comprehensive coverage of the whole spectrum of technical, procedural and business competencies needed for successful implementation of each step of the procurement process (needs identification, market research, procurement planning, competition/bidding procedures, bid evaluation, contract award and contract management) for goods and physical services. It brings together experts in procurement management, as well as creative thinkers, in a collaborative and instructive online space.

10 March 2021

es CLE on ILS / WEB 1: Introducción a las NIT

10 March 2021

es CLE ON ILS / WEB 2: Fundamentos del uso judicial de las NITs a nivel nacional

1 March 2021

es CLE ON ILS / WEB 3: Uso de la labor de los órganos de control de la OIT

1 March 2021

en Understanding the Procedures and Obligations relating to International Labour Standards

By examining in detail the procedures of the international labour standards system, from adoption to supervision, the course aims to strengthen the capacity of tripartite constituents to follow them actively.

es Comprensión de los procedimientos y obligaciones relativos a las normas internacionales del trabajo

Mediante el examen detallado de los procedimientos del sistema de normas internacionales del trabajo, desde la adopcin hasta la supervisin, el curso tiene por objeto fortalecer la capacidad de los mandantes tripartitos para seguirlos activamente.

fr Comprendre les procédures et obligations relatives aux normes internationales du travail

En examinant en dtail les procdures du systme international des normes du travail, de l'adoption la supervision, le cours vise renforcer la capacit des mandants tripartites les suivre activement.

9 February 2021

en Voluntary counselling and HIV testing for workers

Welcome to the E-learning course on Voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing for Workers.


Gaps in HIV testing continue to exist. Workplaces can fill in this gap as they bring together a large number of people. HIV testing initiatives at workplaces can reach workers, their families and communities.


This course will help you develop or strenghen an ongoing HIV testing workplace programme which would  help workes test early, start treatment early if needed, and stay healthy and productive.


The course is developed by the ILO as part of its flagship VCT@WORK programme.


The course, which can be completed at your own pace, and should take around 10 hours to complete.