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1 October 2018

en My.COOP - Managing your agricultural cooperative

The My.

es My.COOP - Cómo gestionar su cooperativa agrícola

El paquete de formación My.

24 September 2018

es Empleos verdes para un desarrollo sostenible: conceptos y prácticas

El objetivo de este curso es dar a conocer los conceptos fundamentales relacionados con la generación de empleos verdes como parte de la contribución del mundo del trabajo al desarrollo sostenible, a través del análisis de herramientas, literatura seleccionada y prácticas en curso.

24 September 2018

en Green jobs for sustainable development: concepts and practices

An interactive e-learning opportunity to master the concepts and definitions associated with green jobs, involving a review of tools, selected literature and ongoing practices. An exploration of the world of work's contribution to sustainable development.

19 March 2018

en Distance training in best practices in ILS reporting 2018

The course aims to strengthen reporting on the application of ratified ILO Conventions. Member States are obliged by the ILO Constitution to produce such reports.

19 June 2017

es Mejores prácticas en la elaboración de memorias sobre las NIT 2017

El curso pretende fortalecer la capacidad de elaborar memorias sobre la aplicación de los Convenios de la OIT ratificados; estas memorias son obligatorias para los Estados Miembros de conformidad con la Constitución de la OIT.

3 May 2017

en Enterprise development through value chains and business services markets: A Market Development approach to Pro-Poor Growth

This course is highly relevant for professionals creating and implementing value-chain and enterprise development projects in rural and urban areas.

es Desarrollo de la empresa a través de las cadenas de valor y los mercados de servicios empresariales: Un enfoque de desarrollo del Mercado orientado al crecimiento económico a favor de los pobres

Este curso es sumamente pertinente para los profesionales que desarrollan y ejecutan proyectos relacionados con las cadenas de valor y el desarrollo empresarial en áreas rurales y urbanas.

pt Desenvolvimento da empresa através das cadeias de valor e os mercados de serviços empresariais: Um enfoque de desenvolvimento do mercado orientado para o crescimento econômico a favor dos pobres

Este curso é extremamente relevante para profissionais que desenvolvem e implementam projetos de cadeias de valor e desenvolvimento de empresas em zonas rurais e urbanas.

24 April 2017

en Roles of Board Members in Business Members Organizations- MOOC

This MOOC is the first and only learning solution which provides an introduction to current and future Board Members on what is generally expected from them and how they can contribute to and shape the strategic direction of the organization.

Learn more and register here.

19 September 2016

en E-learning course on Labour Inspection

The course will familiarize participants with the principles, functions and main characteristics of labour inspection. Participants will be able to choose from different compliance strategies and carry out a more comprehensive and effective labour inspection visit relating to working conditions and occupational safety and health, applying new tools and a set of indicators in order to identify the employment relationship.

5 September 2016

en Crowdfunding MOOC for Caribbean Enterpreneurs

The Crowdfunding MOOC for Caribbean Entrepreneurs is an exciting and innovative training course about unconventional approaches in development financing, with a focus on the Caribbean region.


1 March 2016

en International Labour Standards Reporting

Welcome to the distance training in Best practices in internacional labour standards reporting (identification code: A979189). Learn more >>