Decent work and sustainable development

5 October 2020

en Promotion of youth employment in fragile settings

This course will provide participants with a range of integrated approaches, tools, methodologies and case studies used in real-life situations to promote youth employment and decent work in situations of crisis, including armed conflict, natural disasters, rapid environmental degradation and forced displacement of persons. The course includes a distance-learning component and study visits in Turin.

6 July 2020

en Promotion of youth employment in fragile settings (context of COVID 19)

15 June 2020

en Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience. Massive Open Online Course on ILO's Recommendation 205 (context of COVID-19 - Africa region)

4 June 2020

Start Your Business

Start Your Business

Start Your Business

Start Your Business

Start Your Business

18 May 2020

es Inclusión de jóvenes en situaciones vulnerables en el mercado laboral de Centroamérica y México

10 February 2020

Institutional Capacity Development and PPDP

3 December 2019

en Inclusion of Refugees and Displaced Persons in the Labour Market with a Humanitarian Development Nexus Focus

25 November 2019

en 2019 Project cycle management in fragile settings

This participative course will cover the main characteristics of development intervention in Fragile Settings, merging practices and lessons learned related to Project and Programme Cycle Management in fragile states. It will provide participants with tools, techniques and methodologies for PPCM in Fragile Settings in order to analyse the factors and conditions that are influencing successfully the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and programs in Fragile Settings. It will also explore the current strategies utilized to engage stakeholders; the elements to consider for building an M&E system adapted to the context of projects and ensure project sustainability.

11 November 2019

en Strengthening capacities of Employers' and Workers' Organizations on Promotion of Youth Employment in Disaster Settings

14 October 2019

en Distance learning for promoting Decent Work