Labour migration

6 April 2020

Capacity building of the experts reference group on labour migration governance - IGAD

Capacity building of the experts reference group on labour migration governance - IGAD

Capacity building of the experts reference group on labour migration governance - IGAD

9 March 2020

en Training Course on Labour Migration, Employment and Reintegration in Ghana and Nigeria

13 November 2019

en Building African Employers' Organizations' Capacity to Engage in Labour Migration Governance

fr Renforcer la capacité des organisations des Employeurs africains à s'engager dans la gouvernance de la migration de main-d'œuvre

11 November 2019

en Establishing fair recruitment processes

In 2014, the ILO launched the "Fair Recruitment Initiative" to help prevent human trafficking, protect the rights of workers (including migrant workers) from abusive and fraudulent practices during the recruitment and placement process, reduce the cost of labour migration and enhance development gains.

es El establecimiento de procesos de contratación equitativa

En 2014, la OIT puso en marcha la "Iniciativa para una contratacin equitativa" con el objetivo de ayudar a prevenir la trata de personas, proteger los derechos de los trabajadores (incluyendo los trabajadores migrantes) frente a las prcticas abusivas y fraudulentas en los procesos de contratacin y colocacin, reducir los costos de las migraciones laborales y mejorar los resultados en materia de desarrollo.

11 November 2019

en Launching of Labour Migration Experts Reference Group

4 November 2019

en Workshop on International Labour Migration Statistics in Africa

fr Atelier continental sur les statistiques internationales des migrations de main-d'œuvre

23 October 2019

Workers’ organisations capacity-building to engage in labour migration governance

Workers’ organisations capacity-building to engage in labour migration governance

30 September 2019

en Decent Work for Domestic Workers 2019

There has been increasing recognition, nationally and internationally, of the economic and social contribution made by domestic workers and of the need to improve their living and working conditions. This course is a response to this global call for action. It aims to promote inter-regional dialogue among the different actors involved in the promotion of decent work for domestic workers, and to enhance institutional capacities to ensure that they are adequately protected.

15 July 2019

en TRADE UNION TRAINING ON LABOUR MIGRATION: “Mainstreaming ILS and SDGs in Trade Union Initiatives on Decent Work for Migrant Workers”

This blended trade-union training course aims to foster a better understanding of the challenges of global labour migration. It will help in shaping trade-union strategies and actions to address the decent work deficits faced by migrant workers and their families. The aim is to enable trade unions to effectively participate in developing pathways, policies, standards and programmes for fair and safe labour migration, influencing labour migration processes through tripartism and social dialogue, and the ratification and implementation of ILO labour migration standards (C97 and C143). Experts will provide input and lead the discussions and learning sessions on the relevant ILO conventions, the UN's Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration, and other international instruments that promote a rights-based approach to the governance of labour migration. Specialists and practitioners will share information, experience and good practices in providing critical services to migrant workers through union-managed migrant resource centres, harnessing inter-union partnerships and networks, organizing collective bargaining, and initiating bi-partite dialogue with employers' organizations and other stakeholders. This blended course includes a three-week, tutor-guided distance-learning component and a five-day face-to-face training course.

8 July 2019

en Academy on Labour Migration

Today there are an estimated 258 million international migrants around the world, the majority of whom are migrant workers.

fr Académie sur les migrations de main d'oeuvre

On estime aujourd'hui 258 millions le nombre de migrants internationaux dans le monde, dont la majorit sont des travailleurs migrants.