Learning methodologies and technologies

5 May 2021

en E-Learning Design Lab 2021

This online course takes the form of a design lab in which participants are guided through the whole process of e-Learning design. Content is unlocked on a weekly basis and is packaged through design activities which are meant to provide participants with the necessary concepts, methods and tools to approach their own e-Learning challenge. Beside the modular highly interactive and participatory courseware, participants get access to an individualized coaching system to tackle the most pressing issues regarding their e-Learning project idea. The course is offered fully online through an asynchronous modality where participants can plan their own learning at their own pace. The course offers options for synchronous debate and discussions through targeted online webinars that are addressing cross-cutting themes and topics; thus providing an optional opportunity for learning, engaging with experts and online networking.

29 March 2021

es Certificación de Formadores por Competencias - 3

26 February 2021

en Communication for Development - ITU

5 February 2021

es INSAFORP_B3_Segunda Edición

5 February 2021

es INSAFORP_B4_Segunda Edición

1 February 2021

en Active Learning Methodologies

1 February 2021

en E-Learning Design LAB

5 January 2021

en COMMUNICATION FOR DEVELOPMENT - United Nations Development Programme - tailor-made online course

1 December 2020

fr Rendre l'EFTP et le développement des compétences inclusifs pour tous

6 November 2020

en New ENGAGE-TB Training: Online Workshop Civil Society