8 July 2019

en Impact Insurance Academy 2019

Uninsured risk has devastating consequences on future generations and constrains their entrepreneurial capacities. In many developing countries, however, the insurance industry is not yet fulfilling its potential. The ILO's Impact Insurance Facility works to enable the insurance sector, governments and their partners to embrace impact insurance as a way of reducing households' vulnerability, promoting stronger enterprises and facilitating better public policies. As part of its efforts to empower the insurance industry, governments and their partners to realize the full potential of insurance, the ILO's Impact Insurance Facility and the ITCILO are together running an Impact Insurance Academy. The Academy is a unique opportunity to learn from the ten years of experience and innovation in inclusive insurance facilitated by the ILO's Impact Insurance Facility. Combining plenary sessions with electives chosen by the participants, participative activities, case studies and intensive discussions, the Academy offers a dynamic learning environment in which participants and experts from all over the world can discuss ways of developing inclusive insurance.

1 October 2018

en Financial education programme design and implementation: Course for policy makers and practitioners

The course will focus on designing a financial education strategy (national strategy, institutional intervention or a local project) and its implementation. Participants will discuss the accumulated experiences, lessons learned and international practical knowledge. They will be provided with relevant tools, frameworks, instruments and will discuss lessons learned and current best practices applied by various institutions and actors globally. The course will be grounded in financial education experiences over the past decade of the ILO, the ITCILO and other global leading agencies and practitioners. As an outcome of the course, participants will design financial education outreach strategies for various target groups and will prepare specific action plans and the immediate next steps to take upon their return to work.

15 March 2017

Making Microfinance Work: e-course for managers

Making Microfinance Work (mmw.itcilo.org) is a management training program that is designed to strengthen microfinance managers’ ability to increase the quality and scale of their institution’s outreach.

The “Making Microfinance Work: e-course for managers” is a first one in the series of e-learning modules, which help managers develop a holistic understanding of the different functions that contribute to successful microfinance operations. It provides tools and guidance that managers can use to improve the strategy, marketing, risk management, organizational architecture, efficiency and productivity of their unit, branch or institution. The package aims at providing the learner with quick and “ready to use” learning pills, which should be “digestible” from anywhere.

As a management course, it provides a holistic overview of the many functions that come together to create a successful microfinance institution and the connections between them. It helps managers identify weaknesses in their current performance as well as strategies for improving that performance. Its holistic approach helps prepare managers for the complexity that comes with their jobs.

Module 1: The Manager's Mandate addresses the topic of management.  What are the roles and responsibilities of a manager? And what makes individuals effective in carrying out those responsibilities? This module explores the four functions of management, different management styles and characteristics of effective managers.

Module 2: People management explores how to recruit, develop and motivate people to achieve an institution's mission and objectives. It examines specific techniques for evaluating performance as well as for improving employees' ability and willingness to improve their performance. It will help you also to strengthen your ability to manage other people.

Please enter the course area using your user name and password and enjoy the course from anywhere around the globe!