Occupational safety and health

9 September 2019

en Master in OSH 2019

The University of Turin, Italy, in partnership with the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO), the International Labour Office (ILO) and the International Commission of Occupational Health (ICOH) is offering a Master course in Occupational Safety and Health. This one-year programme, conducted in English, includes an internet-based distance learning phase and a face-to-face residential phase at the ITCILO campus in Turin, followed by another distance phase for the preparation of the dissertation. The proposed programme combines the advantages of both sound academic input and the international training experience of the organizing partners. An international approach has been applied to the contents, methodology development and composition of the training team. This programme involves participants from both developing and developed countries, who will have opportunity to share their different experiences. It also comprises a range of learning situations in which participants can enhance their analytical and problem-solving skills.

2 September 2019

en 2019 Employment injury schemes and the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases

The objective of this course is to strengthen the capacity of employment injury institutions to manage occupational accidents and diseases and promote preventive approaches to OSH. It disseminates the experience gained by the ILO and facilitates the sharing of selected innovative and successful strategies for promoting preventive and proactive OSH approaches to employment injury schemes.

20 May 2019

es Programas y Sistemas Nacionales de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo

18 March 2019

en Strategies to ensure OSH for young workers

Young workers are highly vulnerable in the workplace.

National strategies to ensure OSH for young workers

11 March 2019

en SOLVE: Integrating health promotion into workplace OSH policy

Training of trainers course on SOLVE: Integrating health promotion into occupational safety and health policies

16 June 2018

National strategies to ensure OSH for young workers Vietnam

National strategies to ensure OSH for young workers Vietnam

National strategies to ensure OSH for young workers Vietnam

7 June 2018

en Occupational Safety and Health in Global Value Chains Starterkit

es Occupational Safety and Health in Global Value Chains Starterkit

fr Occupational Safety and Health in Global Value Chains Starterkit

11 December 2017

en Fire Safety Management Course

The Fire Safety Management Course is designed to provide employers, workers and their representatives, as well as others with roles and duties with regards to fire safety with information to enable them to verify that adequate measures are in place to prevent fires occurring, to detect a fire should it occur and to enable all occupants of the building to be efficiently and safely evacuated.

4 December 2017

en Improving OSH in Small and Micro Enterprises

Small and micro enterprises (SMEs) are an important part of a nation's economic activities, however, due to the deficits in both human and financial resources, SMEs tend to have higher rates of work-related accident and diseases. In addition to the huge human suffering, as SMEs employ a large proportion of the workforce in many countries, lower productivity in SMEs caused by a higher rate of work-related accidents and diseases will prevent sustainable national economic growth. As it is, the poor development of occupational safety and health (OSH) in the SMEs is considered a widespread issue in most countries, and it frequently constitutes one of the priorities in the national political action on OSH. The problem arises from many factors such as the lack of awareness towards the issue, the insufficient knowledge and resources, the absence of the adequate external support adapted to the SMEs, etc. Although there are probably no universal solutions to the issue, there are different experiences and best practices worldwide that can be shared in other countries. Labour inspection plays a main role in improving workplace compliance of OSH legislation, however, SMEs, as many of them are in the informal economy, tend to be out of the reach of the formal institutions of labour inspectorate. At the same time, the role of OSH inspection has been gradually changing as a result of the increased responsibility taken by enterprises with respect to OSH. Mechanisms for the self-assessment of occupational risks have been implemented to this end and OSH inspection concentrates more on preventative and advisory activities during inspection visits.

15 December 2016

ar إدارة السلامة والصحة المهنية في مكان العمل

 السلامة و الصحة المهنية  تخصص يهدف إلى الوقاية من الإصابات و الأمراض المرتبطة بمزاولة النشاط المهني و الوقاية الصحية و تعزيز صحة العمال. و من أجل بلوغ هذا الهدف أصبح هناك توجه جديد نحو تحسين ظروف و شروط العمل.