Procurement management

4 December 2017

ru Selection and recruitment of consultants in World Bank funded projects копия 1

This course is designed to upgrade the ability of borrowers' staff and public procurement personnel to apply World Bank Procurement Regulations and related requests for proposals (RFP) in the areas of consultancy assignment selection, recruitment, and supervision. Each presentation is followed by practical assignments and/or group work to find solutions to the typical procurement problems that arise with consultancy contracts. This course reflects also the WB Procurement Framework and Regulations for Projects after July 1, 2016.

20 February 2017

en Procurement training programme for joint secretaries from Bangladesh Civil Service (2nd edition)

12 December 2016

en Electronic government procurement management

14 November 2016

en Selection and recruitment of Consultants in World Bank-funded projects

The course aims to upgrade the technical and managerial competencies needed for project identification, stakeholder management, project design and the development of monitoring and evaluation systems. The course is based on the logical framework approach.

7 November 2016

en Advanced Contract Management

This course builds the capacity of procurement practitioners to assess contractual risks, develop a plan to monitor the performance of suppliers, contractors and consultants, and take corrective action as per the relevant contract clauses and the overall provisions of the applicable contract law. The course also explores the theory of claims, claim assessment and settlement. Presentations are supported by practical application assignments and/or group work to explore solutions to case studies about typical problems encountered while managing procurement contracts.

24 October 2016

fr Master - Gouvernance et Management des Marchés Publics en Appui au Développement Durable

MASTER en Gouvernance et Management des Marchés Publics en Appui au Développement Durable (GOMAP)***

C'est un programme hybride et fait-sur-mesure pour des professionnels actifs dans le domaine des marchés publics qui cherchent à se spécialiser sur le sujet et à obtenir une certification reconnue internationalement, de qualité et octroyée par des institutions d'excellente réputation. Lire plus>>