Procurement management

14 November 2016

en Selection and recruitment of Consultants in World Bank-funded projects (2016)

The course aims to upgrade the technical and managerial competencies needed for project identification, stakeholder management, project design and the development of monitoring and evaluation systems. The course is based on the logical framework approach.

24 October 2016

en 2016-17 Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

This programme is unique in its comprehensive coverage of the four pillars needed for effective operation of national public procurement systems as defined by the OECD. The learning content is multidisciplinary, ranging from international legal obligations to economic theory foundations of PP. New and evolving topics in public procurement are also explored: sustainable procurement, e-procurement and public-private partnerships. Emphasis is placed on practical work and case studies related to planning, market research functions as well as managing the overall spectrum of tendering and contract management activities. This master incorporates a module on soft skills designed to enhance participants' interpersonal skills especially in contract negotiations and conflict resolution. Professional codes of conduct are explored as well as systems for prevention and detection of fraud/corruption.

30 May 2016

en E-procurement

This course prepares participants to play an active role in planning and implementing e-procurement projects within their organizations and in the public sector. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the legal requirements for implementation of e-procurement systems, their importance for improving operational performance and achieving cost savings; future trends and the range of available business models, including e-tendering, e-auctions and e-marketplaces. They will be equipped to draft proposals for promoting e-procurement within their own organizations.

30 May 2016

ru International Procurement Management

This two-week course covers the full spectrum of competencies needed for international competitive bidding for the acquisition of goods, works and services. It explores market research, procurement planning, pre- and post-qualification stages, the tendering process as well as bid evaluation and contract supervision functions. It uses the World Bank Standard Bidding Documents as the basis for participants' application work, as well as case studies that form part of the course curriculum.

8 February 2016

AfDB - Training on New Procurement Policy

In order to ensure the smooth entry into effectiveness of the proposed framework, the Bank, in collaboration with the ITCILO, has developed a training package for the Bank procurement staff. The workshops provide a close and practical exposure to various new issues that the Bank’s procurement staff will face as well as some traditional topics that have gained in importance under the new framework. 

8 February 2016

fr Nouvelle Politique d’Acquisition de la BAD

Afin d'assurer une entrée en vigueur «en souplesse» du cadre proposé, la Banque, en collaboration avec le CIF-OIT, a mis au point un programme de formation «sur mesure» pour le personnel de la Banque chargé de la passation des marchés, offrant une approche pratique sur les diverses nouveautés que les spécialistes de l'approvisionnement de la Banque devront utiliser. 

6 November 2015

en Procurement management

The Bocconi School of Management in partnership with the Sustainable Development Programme (SDP) of theInternational Training Center of the ILO (ITC-ILO) are pleased to present the Module on Procurement Management, part of the Executive Master in Management of International Organizations