Project and programme cycle management

7 May 2018

Internal Evaluation Certification Programme (ILO)

23 April 2018

en Risk Management in Development Co-operation Projects (OPEN)

This course deals, in a practical manner, with project risk management as a management technique that can be used to handle risks associated with development cooperation and public-sector projects throughout the cycle. These projects are often planned without any specific emphasis on risk, but with an exclusive focus on project interventions, plans and budgets. In practice, however, such projects evolve in high-risk environments, in contexts that are characterized by high levels of complexity and uncertainty and with the involvement of multiple stakeholders. This course is designed to address this gap and help participants establish a framework for the application of formal risk management to development cooperation and public sector projects.


16 April 2018

en Project Cycle Management (OPEN)

The course aims to provide participants with a complete set of competencies, techniques, tools and good practices to manage all project life-cycle phases: project identification, preparation, implementation/monitoring and evaluation. It is based on the principles of results-based management and on the logical framework approach. The course uses the latest standards adopted by international organizations, such as the ILO, EU, UN agencies and development banks. It also includes a one-day study visit to explore public-private partnership projects.


17 October 2016

fr Gérer un projet sur les migrations: Une formation pour les acteurs non étatiques
en Managing a project on migration: Training for non-state actors
pt Gerir um projeto sobre migração: A formação para actores não-estatais

6 July 2016

en Evaluation Manager Certification Programme (new)

25 April 2016

en Effective ILO programming for staff in the Field

21 March 2016

Impact evaluation from theory to practice

This training programme, tailor-made to the needs expressed by the Monitoring and Evaluation Units of the Trakya Development Agency, brings participants to explore in depth impact evaluations. Firstly, participants will review the concepts underpinning project evaluations, secondly participants will be provided the knowledge, competencies and skills to design and to plan impact evaluations and thirdly they will apply those tools and techniques to their own projects.