Skills development and vocational training

9 July 2018

en Management of vocational training centres

This course provides insights into a systemic management approach and discusses the practical concepts and skills needed for the management of vocational training centres.

es Gestión de Centros de Formación Profesional

Este curso brinda un enfoque sistémico de gestión y examina los conceptos prácticos y las competencias que se necesitan para la gestión de centros de formación profesional.

16 April 2018

en Skills needs anticipation and matching

This course discusses the underlying principles, general methodologies and different approaches that can assist national policy-makers, experts and stakeholders in analysing and identifying present and future skills needs.

27 November 2017

en Management of Vocational Training Centres

This highly participative course aims to improve the management of vocational training centres, responding to the needs of the labour market, while maximizing internal and external efficiency. Modules, group work and participants' presentations relate to, and troubleshoot issues in, education/training; planning; organization; management of personnel; quality control and impact evaluation; budgeting and financing, including the business plan and autonomy of vocational training centres.

27 November 2017

Academy on the Promotion of decent work in fragile and conflict affected settings

Academy on the Promotion of decent work in fragile and conflict affected settings

8 May 2017

en Academy on Skills Development

The Academy provides a choice of learning opportunities relating to skills development and technical and vocational education and training (TVET): policies, skills-development systems and their management, trends, exchange with international experts.

fr Académie sur le développement des compétences

L'Académie proposera un large éventail de possibilités d'apprentissage sur le développement des compétences et l'enseignement et la formation techniques et professionnels (EFTP): politiques, systèmes de développement des compétences et gestion de ceux-ci, tendances, échanges avec des experts internationaux.