Social dialogue and tripartism

7 October 2019

en Master in Industrial and Employment Relations 2019/2020

In a fast-changing environment (political, economic, social, cultural, technological and as regards skills requirements), in which governments and workers' and employers' organizations are having to contiuously adapt their strategies, a better understanding of the contemporary trends and challenges presented by different industrial and employment relationships is a compelling need. The International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO), in partnership with the University of Turin, Italy, is offering a Master in Industrial and Employment Relations (MIER). It includes a distance-learning phase and a residential phase at the ITCILO campus in Turin, followed by a second distance-learning phase for the preparation of the Master's thesis. The Master's programme aims to develop specialized, multidisciplinary knowledge of industrial and employment relations from a comparative viewpoint. It will provide participants with a deep theoretical and practical understanding of industrial and employment relations systems globally, by examining recent changes and trends in the major economic/geographical areas. It will also offer a range of learning situations in which participants can enhance their analytical and problem-solving skills. The Master's programme combines the sound academic background of the University of Turin with the ITCILO's international training experience. An international approach has been applied to the content, methodology and composition of the faculty.

9 September 2019

Negotiation skills for the world of work 2019

2 September 2019

en Certification course on conciliation/mediation of labour disputes

24 June 2019

en Tripartism, social dialogue and collective bargaining

This course aims to develop the skills and competencies of trade unions in relation to tripartism, social dialogue and collective bargaining.

es Tripartismo, diálogo social y negociación colectiva

Este curso aspira a contribuir al desarrollo de capacidades y competencias sindicales relativas al tripartismo, el dilogo social y la negociacin colectiva.

fr Tripartisme, dialogue social et négociation collective

Ce cours vise contribuer au dveloppement des capacits et des comptences des syndicats en matire de tripartisme, de dialogue social et de ngociation collective.

24 June 2019

en Certification course on Conciliation/Mediation of labour disputes 2019

This course aims to verify and enhance participants' knowledge of the conciliation and mediation of labour disputes. It will also provide participants with a complete set of conciliation/mediation skills that will be a valuable asset for their present and future careers.

8 April 2019

fr Techniques de négociation pour le monde du travail

Ce cours a pour objectif de dvelopper les capacits et les connaissances des participants en matire de techniques de ngociation et notamment comment les parties peuvent passer d'un style de ngociation positionnelle un style de ngociation qui leur permet d'obtenir des gains mutuels et qui renforce leurs relations.

4 March 2019

en The Evolving World of Work: Exploring Learning Innovation for Enhanced Trade Union Education in Africa

4 February 2019

en Managing employment disputes effectively in international organizations

International organizations are under an obligation to offer their staff fair employment conditions and effective means of employment dispute resolution. This requirement is not only the direct consequence of the immunities enjoyed by international organizations, but also reflects the aspiration of global organizations to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce by offering a respectful and enabling workplace. The increasing number of employees affected by managerial decisions on the part of international organizations, as well as the growing judicialization of employment disputes, points to the need to improve the ability of international organizations to prevent and manage conflict effectively. Objectives. The training course is intended to enhance the participants' capacity to effectively prevent and manage employment disputes in international organizations. At the end of the training course, participants will be able to: - Recognize the importance of effective employment dispute resolution systems in the specific environment of international organizations; - Understand the guiding principles of effective conflict prevention and management; - Apply best practices in preventing and managing employment disputes; - Improve existing dispute management processes, practices and frameworks within organizations.

26 November 2018

en Academy on Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations

The Academy on Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations will provide a unique opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends and developments concerning tripartite social dialogue mechanisms, collective bargaining and dispute resolution systems.

fr Académie sur le dialogue social et les relations professionnelles

L'Acadmie sur le dialogue social et les relations professionnelles reprsente une occasion unique de se familiariser avec les derniers dveloppements et tendances en matire de dialogue social, relations professionnelles et mcanismes de rsolution des conflits.

22 July 2018