Social protection

7 September 2020

en E-Coaching on Social Protection: Towards Responsive Systems_cohort 2

As governments around the world take urgent action to save lives and protect livelihoods from the COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging, adapting or introducing new social protection measures are central to country immediate and medium-term responses. With one in two people in the world not benefiting from any form of social protection, this is an unprecedented challenge. Drawing on the ILO's knowledge and expertise, this e-Learning program offers you the opportunity to further strengthen your competences on social protection in the context of the global emergency, learn about best practices and get on the job technical support through e-coaching. As a result, you will be able to devise more responsive and sustainable social protection interventions to help your country weather the current health crisis and mitigate the longer-term social and economic impacts on the most vulnerable groups.

15 June 2020

Actuarial Training. Improving China's Institutional Capacity towards Universal Social Protection

Actuarial Training. Improving China's Institutional Capacity towards Universal Social Protection

1 June 2020

en E-Learning on Good Governance

The recently updated ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance provide board members and managers with practical guidance in nine areas of major concern: strategic planning; operational risk management; internal auditing of operations; actuarial soundness; enforcement of the prudent-person principle in investment management; prevention and control of corruption and fraud in contributions and benefits; service standards for members and beneficiaries; human-resource policies on development, retention and succession; and investment in ICT infrastructure. The training will provide an in-depth analysis and understanding of the ISSA Guidelines.

1 June 2020

en E-Learning on Contribution Collection and Compliance

This course will focus on the crucial aspects of contribution collection and compliance, which are central to the financial sustainability, extension and viability of social security systems. The ISSA Guidelines provide guidance on a number of challenges faced by social security programmes, including reliability and efficiency, compliance issues and governance beyond operations. The training will provide an in-depth analysis and understanding of the Guidelines, covering seven key topics: governance, strategy, operational processes, fraud control, coordination with outside organizations, fostering awareness, and programme maturity and evaluation.

25 May 2020

en Tools and strategies for the prevention of labour disputes in the workplace, 25 May – 16 June 2020

The interactions between employees and employers within enterprises can be cooperative and harmonious, or characterized by conflict and disruption. Even where relations are generally good, the very nature of employment relations suggests that some conflict is inevitable. Such conflict can, however, be managed within the workplace itself without third-party intervention, even though assistance from third parties may be accessed from time to time on a voluntary basis. Effective conflict management within an enterprise needs to start well before there are signs of discord or disputation. The starting point is the creation of a climate of mutual respect between employees and managers that establishes a firm foundation of trust and cooperation. The growing costs of conflicts and their impact on production processes and employee satisfaction has driven employers and unions to establish new strategies and tools for the prevention of labour disputes in the workplace.

16 March 2020

en Training of Trainers on Social Protection

10 February 2020

en Social Protection Capacity Building Programme

18 November 2019

en Actuarial Modeling for Social Protection Analysts 2019

Quantitative specialists working for public pension schemes will be trained to develop and build their own scheme-specific model based on the ILO's generic models. At the end of the workshop, participants will be in a position to support their institutions' financial forecasts.

11 November 2019

en Trade union training on social security

This course aims to build the capacities of trade-union representatives from selected countries to increase the coverage and effectiveness of social protection systems, with a view to enhancing the equity, resilience and opportunity functions of such systems within the context of Agenda 2030 (SDGs).

fr Formation syndicale sur la sécurité sociale

Ce cours vise contribuer au renforcement des capacits des reprsentants syndicaux de certains pays d'Afrique en matire de couverture et d'efficacit des systmes de protection sociale, en vue d'en assurer l'quit, la rsilience et l'opportunit dans le cadre des objectifs et priorits nationaux et du Programme de dveloppement durable l'horizon 2030.

es Formación sindical en Seguridad Social

Este curso tiene como objetivo contribuir al desarrollo de capacidades de los representantes sindicales de los pases seleccionados para ampliar la cobertura de los sistemas de proteccin social, con el objetivo de proporcionar funciones de equidad, resiliencia y oportunidad de los sistemas de proteccin social en el contexto de la Agenda 2030 (ODSs).

4 November 2019

en Health Actuarial Modelling 2019