Strengthening employers organizations

5 October 2020

en Taking A Lead On Reputation And Crisis Management For EBMOs

2 October 2020

en Why Productivity Matters

Economists argue that productivity growth is the main driver of economic growth, development and increases in living standards; this is why economists suggest that productivity growth should be at the centre of covid-19 recovery strategies. But productivity is somehow a difficult concept which appears every day in newspapers and policy papers from all over the world, but it is not easy to define and to measure. The objective of the course is exactly to help you in better understanding the concept of productivity. - What is productivity? - How can you measure productivity? - Why improving productivity is essential to compete in the market? - And how to share productivity gains? The course aims to give answers to these and other questions. It is an introductory approach to the theory surrounding productivity and how this could be applied in practice.

2 October 2020

es ¿Por qué es importante la Productividad?

Los economistas sostienen que el crecimiento de la productividad es el principal impulsor del crecimiento econmico, el desarrollo y la mejora del nivel de vida; por ello, los economistas sugieren que el crecimiento de la productividad debera estar en el centro de los planes de recuperacin de los pases despus del Covid-19. Sin embargo, la productividad es de alguna manera un concepto difcil que aparece todos los das en los peridicos y documentos de poltica de todo el mundo, pero no es fcil de definir y medir. El objetivo de este curso es precisamente ayudar a comprender mejor el concepto de productividad. - Qu es la productividad? - Cmo se puede medir la productividad? - Por qu es esencial mejorar la productividad para competir en el mercado? - Y cmo compartir las ganancias de la productividad? El curso pretende dar respuestas a estas y otras preguntas. Es una introduccin a la teora econmica sobre productividad y a cmo esta se aplica en la prctica.

21 September 2020

es EOSH: Fundamentos de las Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo

27 July 2020


Employers and Business Member Organizations (EBMOs) must be representative of the different segments of the private sector to voice the employers' standings and be able to influence socio-economic policies. Large membership is the result of wellfunctioning EBMOs, providing for high quality services for members and exerting strong policy influence. To achieve this virtuous circle, one condition is to implement an efficient membership strategy, which conceptualize, plans and directs EBMOs' actions to properly attract, retain, expand and engage members. This is even more urgent in time of economic uncertainties, when companies may struggle to identify the benefits of adhering to or engaging with collective bodies and be inclined to leave organizations for which the value of membership is not compelling.

18 May 2020

es Diplomado en Gestion de Organizaciones Empresariales

22 April 2020


13 April 2020

en ToT EBMO Management (Advocacy - Membership - Revenue Building)

10 April 2020

en Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health (2020)

23 September 2019

Membership strategies for EBMOs /Strategies d’adhésion pour OE

Membership strategies for EBMOs /Strategies d’adhésion pour OE