Strengthening workers organizations

28 August 2017

More and better jobs for inclusive growth and improved youth employment prospects

More and better jobs for inclusive growth and improved youth employment prospects

3 March 2017

en Employers Young Professionals Academy 2017

 A tailor-made and practical training programme for Employers' Organizations' young  professionals to strengthen both personal and organizational capacity

5 September 2016

en GLOBAL WORKERS' ACADEMY The transition from the informal to the formal economy: trade union strategies

The course seeks to improve the technical competencies of union leaders, educators and organizers to identify and address the underlying causes of informality and the barriers to entry into the economic and social mainstream.

es ACADEMIA GLOBAL PARA TRABAJADORES Transición de la economía informal a la formal: estrategias de los sindicatos

El curso busca mejorar las competencias técnicas de los dirigentes sindicales, educadores y organizadores para identificar y abordar las causas subyacentes de la informalidad y las barreras a la entrada a la economía formal.

fr ACADÉMIE MONDIALE DES TRAVAILLEURS La transition de l'économie informelle vers l'économie formelle : stratégies syndicales

Le cours vise à améliorer les compétences techniques des dirigeants syndicaux, des éducateurs et organisateurs à identifier et traiter les causes de l'informalité et les barrières à l'entrée dans la vie économique et sociale.

Interregional trade union trainings on trade union strategies on International Labour Standards and labour law

 en  11 July 2016

Trade Union Strategies on
the use of ILS in labour law reforms




4 July 2016

en Interregional Academy on international labour standards with a focus on freedom of association and collective bargaining

The course aims to contribute to developing the competencies of trade unions on the ILO's standard-setting.

es Academia interregional para trabajadores sobre las normas internacionales del trabajo, con especial atención en la libertad sindical y la negociación colectiva

El curso tiene como objetivo contribuir al desarrollo de competencias de los sindicales en el establecimiento de las normas de la OIT.

fr Académie interrégionale sur les normes internationales du travail et accent mis sur la liberté syndicale et la négociation collective

Le cours vise à contribuer au développement des compétences des syndicats sur l'établissement de normes de l'OIT.

9 May 2016

en Global workers' academy on sustainable development goals: trade union policies and action plans

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the UN as the development agenda for the international system.

es Academia global para trabajadores sobre los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible: políticas sindicales y planes de acción

Los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) fueron adoptados por las Naciones Unidas como la agenda de desarrollo para el sistema internacional.

fr Académie mondiale des travailleurs sur les objectifs de développement durable: politiques et plans d'action des syndicats

Les Objectifs de développement durable (ODD) adoptés par les Nations Unies sont les pierres angulaires du nouvel agenda international du développement.

1 May 2015

en Young Trade Union Leaders Academy

Within the framework of the ILO-EC cooperation, the Programme for Workers’ Activities of the International Training Centre of the ILO (ACTRAV-Turin), in partnership with the ETUC, is launching an EU-funded project entitled ‘Academy for Young Trade Union Leaders’.  This pilot project is a new capacity-building initiative by the Programme for Workers’ Activities at the ITC-ILO that links industrial relations and social dialogue with young people (under 35).

27 March 2014

en Community of Practice on Learning and Methodology Technologies for a better Trade Union Education

The purpose of this community of practice  is to help strengthen our knowledge sharing, problem solving and tapping into each other's expertise. read more >