Unacceptable forms of work

30 September 2019

en Academy on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

This course is intended to support constituents in meeting their obligations to respect, promote and realize fundamental principles and rights at work. It will offer constituents and other actors the opportunity to address ratification and implementation gaps in respect of fundamental principles and rights at work at the national level.

21 January 2019

en Building National Capacity in Child Labour and Forced Labour data analysis (Bangkok)

26 November 2018

en Achieving education 2030 and eliminating child labour

Child labour as a barrier to the achievement of an inclusive, equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

fr Education 2030 et l'éradication du travail des enfants

Le travail des enfants constitue un obstacle à l'atteinte d'une éducation de qualité inclusive et équitable et des possibilités d'apprentissage tout au long de la vie pour tous.

13 April 2018

en Identifying and investigating cases of forced labour and trafficking

This course is intended to train participants to better identify and investigate cases of forced labour, including trafficking in human beings for labour-related exploitation. It will address the different stages of the process (inspecting workplaces, interviewing victims, gathering evidence).

4 December 2017

en Eliminating Child Labour in Agriculture

This course provides theory and practice concerning strategies, policies and programmes to combat child labour in agriculture and promote decent work for young people. Special attention is paid to older children (15 - 17 years).

18 September 2017

en Establishing Fair Recruitment Processes 2017

In 2014 the ILO launched the "Fair Recruitment Initiative" to help prevent human trafficking, protect the rights of workers (including migrant workers) from abusive and fraudulent practices during the recruitment and placement process, reduce the cost of labour migration and enhance development gains. This course aims to (1) foster the sharing of promising national and international recruitment practices that meet internationally recognized human rights and labour standards, (2) enhance understanding among key actors of how to strengthen regulatory and enforcement mechanisms designed to address abusive and fraudulent recruitment practices, (3) promote the dissemination of fair business standards and practices and (4) of mechanisms for the empowerment and protection of workers.

21 November 2016

en Developing skills and livelihood training programmes for older children in child labour

This course will provide practical guidance on how to design and implement skills and livelihood training for out-of-school adolescents with a focus on older out-of-school children in child labour, or children at risk of child labour.

Developing skills and livelihood training programmes for older children in child labour

10 December 2015

fr Child Labour/Travail des Enfants - Agriculture

en Child Labour/Travail des Enfants - Agriculture