Enterprise development

1 April 2020

pt Conheçe de Empresa (CODE) - Cabo Verde 2020

24 February 2020

en The contribution of multinational enterprises to achieve decent work for all (SDG 8)

11 November 2019

es 2019 - Estrategias locales para el desarrollo de negocios y empleos verdes: Sostenibilidad con empleo

28 October 2019

en Resilient Markets Academy: Market Systems Development in FCAS

Jointly organized by the ITCILO, the Norwegian Refugee Council and the SEEP Network, the Resilient Markets Academy provides an opportunity to learn about practices and innovations in market systems development in the areas of livelihoods, housing as well as water and sanitation services. Market-based programmes rebuild supply and demand-side functions through sustainable interventions that mitigate the shock-stress-shock cycle. These approaches are all the more relevant where fragility continues, aid dependency is prolonged and more traditional forms of aid prove unsuccessful in surmounting the challenges of protracted crises.

24 October 2019

es 2019 - Formación de Facilitadores Nacionales CODE 2019

23 September 2019

Labour issues in responsible business conduct

23 September 2019

en Value chain development: moving from analysis to action

This course helps enterprise development practitioners to design and implement market-driven value-chain development initiatives using a participatory approach. The course will present and analyse the principles and rationality behind value-chain development, provide a detailed analysis of the different phases (sector selection, value-chain analysis, intervention design and implementation), share different techniques for market systems facilitation, and discuss the differences between facilitation and direct delivery (and the respective benefits) . The course content will be based on experience of value-chain development projects and initiatives implemented in developing and middle-income countries by the ILO and other development organizations.

12 August 2019

en Summer School on the Future of Work

The world of work looks different every day. These changes-driven by technological innovation, demographics, climate change, and globalization-are unprecedented in their scale, speed, and depth. They are already profoundly reshaping the ways in which people work and live. This Summer School aims to ignite innovative dialogues, training, capacity building support and knowledge management connected to the Future of Work.

3 June 2019

en Management course for consulting and training providers

The aim of this new course is to create a space in which consulting and training professionals (working primarily in development, and specifically - in the micro and small-enterprise development sector) can learn how to improve performance of their companies, firms or departments dealing with consultancy and training. They will upgrade their professional standards and practices and prepare a strategy for improved sustainability of the unit they are managing. The course draws on ILO practices and experience accumulated as a result of the organization's wide engagement in management and small-business development, globally. It is practical in nature, providing real tools and insights, and drawing out the wisdom and experience already gained by members of the group. As a management course, it is designed to broaden participants' perspective, management potential and resource base, not just to convey technical topics. As a practical course, it will focus on applying course content to participants' actual challenges and opportunities in order to improve performance of their companies or units. The course will also assist the managers in identifying areas that they would like to explore in more detail in the future.

27 May 2019

es Reducción del riesgo de desastres y desarrollo local sostenible

El objetivo de este curso es contribuir a fortalecer las capacidades de los actores locales para integrar la reduccin del riesgo de desastres en los procesos de desarrollo local.

pt Redução do risco de desastres e desenvolvimento local sustentável

O objetivo deste curso contribuir para reforar as capacidades dos atores locais na integrao da reduo do risco de desastres nos processos de desenvolvimento local.