Enterprise development

10 August 2020


6 July 2020

pt Futuro dos empregos para jovens na economia verde – IEFP

1 July 2020

es Curso a distancia en Reducción del riesgo de desastres y desarrollo local sostenible

El objetivo de este curso es contribuir a fortalecer las capacidades de los actores locales para integrar la reduccin del riesgo de desastres en los procesos de desarrollo local.

pt Curso a distância em Redução do risco de desastres e desenvolvimento local sustentável

O objetivo deste curso contribuir para reforar as capacidades dos atores locais na integrao da reduo do risco de catstrofes nos processos de desenvolvimento local.

15 June 2020

en Management course for consulting and training providers

The aim of this course is to create a space in which consulting and training professionals (working primarily in development, and specifically in the micro and small-enterprise development sector) can learn how to improve the performance of their companies, firms or departments dealing with consultancy and training. They will be able to upgrade their professional standards and practices, and prepare a strategy for improving the sustainability of the unit they are managing. The course draws on ILO practices and experience accumulated as a result of the organization's global engagement in management and small-business development. It is practical in nature, providing real tools and insights, and drawing out the wisdom and experience already gained by members of the group. As a management course, it is designed not just to convey technical topics, but to broaden participants' perspectives, management potential and resource base. As a practical course, it will focus on applying course content to participants' actual challenges and opportunities in order to improve the performance of their companies or units. The course will also assist managers in identifying areas they would like to explore in more detail in the future.

8 June 2020

es 2020 - Curso a Distancia en Turismo sostenible y desarrollo local en zonas Rurales

El curso est basado en el concepto del turismo como motor de creacin de actividades econmicas y de empleo decente en las zonas rurales. Durante la fase a distancia se examinarn en detalle las claves necesarias para que el turismo pueda ser una alternativa socioeconmica sostenible, y cules son los elementos a tener en cuenta para disear una estrategia de desarrollo rural basada en el turismo. El curso est basado en el concepto del turismo como motor para la creacin de actividades econmicas y de empleo decente en las zonas rurales

8 June 2020


30 April 2020

en Test for the team

es Test for the team

fr Test for the team

15 April 2020

en Self-guided course on Enterprise Formalization

1 April 2020

pt Conheçe de Empresa (CODE) - Cabo Verde 2020

23 March 2020

en Supporting SMEs during COVID-19

fr Soutenir les PME pendant la crise du COVID-19

pt Medidas de apoio às PME durante a crise do COVID-19

es Medidas de apoyo a las PYME durante la crisis del COVID-19