Informal economy

11 December 2018

en Decent Work for Domestic Workers (DW4DW)

There has been increasing recognition, nationally and internationally, of the economic and social contribution of domestic workers and of the need to improve their living and working conditions.

ar Decent Work for Domestic Workers (DW4DW)

There has been increasing recognition, nationally and internationally, of the economic and social contribution of domestic workers and of the need to improve their living and working conditions.

16 April 2018

fr Concevoir un cadre politique intégré pour la transition vers l'économie formelle

Ce cours suit une approche de gestion du cycle de politique et entend développer les capacités des fonctionnaires gouvernementaux, des partenaires sociaux et des autres intervenants à concevoir, mettre en ½uvre et évaluer un cadre politique intégré qui facilite la transition vers l'emploi formel.

19 February 2018

es Transición de la economía informal a la formal: Estrategias Sindicales sobre Economía Social y Solidaria y seguimiento de la Recomendación 204 de la OIT

Se trata de una actividad de formación con un componente a distancia (las tres primeras semanas) y un componente presencial (la última semana en Lima), cuyo objetivo es fortalecer la capacidad sindical para desempeñar un papel más visible, proactivo y constructivo en la formulación de un modelo de desarrollo con objetivos, metas e indicadores necesarios para formalizar la economía informal, y con miras a erradicarla pobreza, desigualdad y exclusión social, explorando las oportunidades de la Economía Social y Solidaria.

4 December 2017

en Measuring and monitoring informality

This course is the first in a series on the Transition to the Formal Economy. It offers diagnostic tools and methodologies to measure informality, as well as to monitor and evaluate policies and programmes on the transition from the informal to the formal economy. Participants may attend also the following course (back-to back) on Designing an Integrated Policy Framework for the Transition to Formal Economy.

20 November 2017

en Transition from the Informal to the Formal Economy: Trade Union Strategies

This course aims to equip union representatives with the relevant knowledge and skills to support their unions' effort in tackling the barriers that impede the entry of workers into the economic and social mainstream.

fr Transition de l'économie informelle vers l'économie formelle: stratégies syndicales

Ce cours conférera aux participants les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour appuyer les efforts déployés par leur organisation pour éliminer les obstacles qui empêchent l'intégration des travailleurs dans la vie économique et sociale.

13 November 2017

en Policies and practises for enterprise formalisation and small enterprise development

The course provides examples of promising practices relating to SME development and enterprise formalization, as well as space for tripartite actors and practitioners to reflect on the country adaptation of interventions models that work. Participants will discuss the constraints and challenges faced by SMEs and micro-enterprises in the informal economy, and will share and exchange on policies and strategies that have been adopted in some countries to overcome such constraints with a view to facilitating the transition of enterprises to the formal sector. Measures such as taxation, administrative obligations, social security, legislation (commercial, labour, property), enforcement, enterprise upgrading (access to markets, access to technology, credit and inputs, access to skills) and legal protection will be presented and their effectiveness reviewed.

9 October 2017

en MyCoop training of trainers online

The objective of this training-of-trainers (TOT) course is to enable existing and potential managers of agricultural cooperatives to identify and address major challenges that are specific to cooperatives in market-oriented agricultural development.

25 September 2017

en Learning forum on innovations in public investment and employment programmes

The forum will focus on a set of policy and operational measures which can enhance the effectiveness and impact of public investment in infrastructure and public employment programmes in the context of a long-term development framework.

fr Forum d'apprentissage sur les innovations dans les investissements et les programmes publics pour l'emploi

Le forum se concentrera sur un ensemble de politiques et mesures opérationnelles qui peuvent améliorer l'efficacité et l'impact des investissements publics dans l'infrastructure et des programmes publics pour l'emploi dans un cadre de développement à long terme.

11 September 2017

en Global knowledge-sharing forum on the transition to formal economy

This is the second time the Global Knowledge-Sharing Forum is to be held.

fr Forum mondial de partage d'expériences sur la transition vers l'économie formelle

Cette deuxième édition du Forum mondial offrira une plateforme d'apprentissage mondiale à tous les intervenants qui souhaitent partager leurs expériences et connaissances sur les politiques fructueuses et les pratiques d'excellence en matière de transition vers l'économie formelle.

30 April 2017

en Community of Good Practices on ILO Recommendation 204

This CoP provides a comprehensive, fully-fledged, user-friendly and interactive knowledge repository to support the follow-up strategy on Recommendation 204 on the Transition from the Informal to the Formal Economy, adopted by ILO Governing Body in November 2015. A set of didactic material (flyer and Powerpoint Presentation on R.204) is also made availailable to ILO Officials.