Informal economy

26 September 2016

fr Formation des formateurs MyCoop en ligne

8 August 2016

en Blended learning course on policies and practices for enterprise formalisation and SME development - South Africa

23 November 2015

en Transition to formal economy - Forum

The Global Knowledge sharing forum is a platform for open and
interactive discussion between public decision-makers, social partners and institutional partners on what has worked on the transition processes at national, regional and global levels; as well as to identify key issues and challenges relating to enhancing the operationalization of the ILO’s recommendation on transition to formality.

19 August 2015

en Transition to formal economy

The ILO, working in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) in Turin, the Department of Employment Policies at the headquarters of the Organization in Geneva and organized FORLAC program, sponsored by the Ministry of Labourand Employment Promotion, a regional workshop for sharing knowledge in Lima, Peru, for the Latin America and the Caribbean.

16 June 2014

en Formalisation of informal economy

This self-guided 1 hour introductory E-learning module provides you with a basic understanding of the informal economy and examples of good practices promoting transition to formality with an emphasis on ILO’s Decent Work strategies.