Labour administration and labour inspection

11 October 2016

en Bangladesh E-platform for Labour Inspection and OSH

The Bangladesh E-platform for Labour Inspection and OSH will provide labour inspectors with easy access to relevant documents relating to labour inspection and OSH and strengthen labour inspectors’ capacity to carry out inspections and advisory services to employers and workers in a more efficient and effective manner.

19 September 2016

en E-learning course on Labour Inspection

The course will familiarize participants with the principles, functions and main characteristics of labour inspection. Participants will be able to choose from different compliance strategies and carry out a more comprehensive and effective labour inspection visit relating to working conditions and occupational safety and health, applying new tools and a set of indicators in order to identify the employment relationship.

30 November 2015

en Academy on Workplace Compliance through Labour Inspection

Academy on Workplace Compliance through Labour Inspection has been designed by The Social Protection, Governance  and Tripartism Programme of the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) and the Labour Administration Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Branch (LABADMIN/OSH) of the ILO, to deliver a coherent, responsive, flexible and up-to-date training programme on labour inspection.

Over a two-week period, our experts will take part in a rich learning programme offering a wide variety of individual learning tracks.