Designing an Integrated Policy Framework

"R.204 is the first international labour standard to address the informal economy in its entirety"


Ms Azita Berar Awad, Director of ILO Employment Policy Department, during the 104th International Labour Conference (June, 2015) 


According to the Follow-up Strategy to R.204:

"Recommendation 204 invites Members to design coherent and integrated strategies to facilitate the transition from the informal to the formal economy and sets out 12 Guiding Principles (see R.204 Full Text).

These principles recognize the need for tailored approaches to respond to the diversity of situations and the specificity of national circumstances. They call for coherence and coordination across a broad range of policy areas, and for a balanced approach combining incentives with compliance.

They emphasize the need for the effective promotion and protection of the human rights of all those in the informal economy, respect for fundamental principles and rights at work, in law and practice, in addition to the promotion of gender equality and non-discrimination and the need to pay special attention to those most vulnerable in the informal economy."


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