Our Mission and Vision

The E-Campus is intended to position the ITC ILO Centre strategically in the landscape of e-learning. As an institutional response to the expectation of constituents to respond in a diversified way to their learning needs, it offers a wide range of learning modalities. This central knowledge sharing hub will gradually contain self-guided e-learning modules, tutor-based e-learning programmes, online communities of practices, webinars, promotional materials, and relevant ILO knowledge products. It's more than just consolidating the existing e-learning, nor is it a replacement of what currently is available. It's rather the creation of a new product and a new strategic learning model. 

The E-Campus overall objective is attaining a more cost-effective use of resources and a more scalable outreach to our constituents. The E-Campus will support different type of activities and not exclusively e-learning. It will become the central knowledge sharing hub which will contain distance learning, self-guided e-learning, tutor-based e-learning, on-line communities of practices, short promotional open educational resources and relevant ILO knowledge products.

Last modified: Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 10:20 AM