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Why a community of practice on greener tourism enterprises?

More and more enterprises in the tourism industries around the world are realizing the importance of becoming  more responsible in their labour and environmental practices and more resource-efficient,. It has become clear to businesses of all sizes that long-lasting competitive advantage goes hand-in-hand with sustainable practices at the workplace and beyond.

While such awareness is widespread, there are still large gaps in moving from awareness to action. Most enterprises are looking for ways to develop and implement initiatives that bring about concrete changes in their operations.

This platform is about helping to fill those gaps.

It is a place where enterprises and organizations that support them can find practical knowledge to identify points of improvement in their workplaces and processes, to design solutions to their problems and plan implementation of  lasting changes.

It is a place to learn and get inspired to go greener - by learning about ideas that have worked for hotels and restaurants in different countries, and ILO tools and templates that have helped them to do so successfully.

It is also a place to share what you are doing with others, start a discussion, respond to questions and threads.

Two essential factors for long-lasting and successful enterprises are People and Systems. This this is true also for enterprise sustainability efforts.

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- A people-centred approach to drive real improvements

Staff are the core of service sectors like hotels and restaurants: they interact directly with customers or they are the backbone of back-of-the-house operations. For changes to really happen, behaviour and work practices will need to change. A competitive and sustainable enterprise has staff that are committed to the organization because it provides a good place to work, they understand why sustainability matters and how it affects the way they operate, and  they are empowered and engaged in improving sustainability efforts..

The platform offers you tools and good practices to improve the work environment, facilitate staff-management cooperation and set off the power of teamwork, and gain a greater knowledge on environmental issues in an applied and fun way.

- A focus on systems for lasting changes

All too often despite good ideas and efforts, initiatives to become more sustainable do not last or bring the results one hoped for. In many cases this is due to a lack of a systematic way to deal with a problem or plan for a solution.The platform will support you in changing this: you will find out about ways to be more systematic by  using tools that will help you to: find rootcauses of problems and assess different options to solve them, plan actions, document and measure results, adopt procedures and change processes so that they become part of the ways staff work and the hotel functions.

Check out here what the Community of Practice offers to members.Get a taste of the materials the Community of Practice provides - here are some samples:

  • Screenshots of the Community - Have a look at what is available in our CoP:

  • Greener Workplaces and Operations in a Nutshell - click on the images below to download the content:
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  • Case study - The Coral Bay Hotel - click on the image below to download the content:

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