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What are we talking about?

The Forum is a recurring network and capacity development event that serves as a meeting place for capacity development policy makers, practitioners, trainers, facilitators, knowledge brokers, chief learning officers and staff development specialists. The goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange on sustainable learning solutions with a focus on Learning Innovation. The 2016 edition will seek inspiration from emerging trends such as:

  • Growing focus on measuring learning
  • Increasing use of blended learning designs
  • Re-designing learning spaces
  • Advancing cultures of innovation

Through a participatory process, the needs of participants and organisations in capacity building for sustainable development will be defined and will serve as basis for enhancing individual action, institutional effectiveness and results on international levels. 


Learning/Training will take many modalities. Accelerated learning. Bite-sized learning. Real-time learning. Just-in-time learning. 

Technology will be mainstreamed  in everyday learning, both at a distance and face-to- face (Technology- enhanced learning).

The world of work evolves so rapidly that continuous adaptation and change at the individual and organizational levels will be the norm (transformational learning).

Diverse forms of credentials, certifications and reputation markers will reflect the many ways in which participant master specific competences.

Some of those tools will provide  deeper insights in learning and strategies for success (Learning Analytics).

Cutting edge technology where our physical world is enriched with a virtual layer is becoming an opportunity for learning and training (Augmented Reality).

Increasing learner’s motivation by embedding engagement strategies of the world of gamification is trending (Gamication).

The boundaries between formal and informal learning are overlapping and merging gradually into cross-over learning.


Where do we start/come from?

Sustainable Development Goal 17.9 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the dedicated target to capacity building that aims to “Enhance international support for implementing effective and targeted capacity building in developing countries to support national plans to implement all the sustainable development goals, including through North-South, South-South, and triangular cooperation”. Goal 4 is completely dedicated to education and learning and focuses on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.
Learning and training needs will be part of the larger capacity development process linked to institution building, organisational structures and processes, and national policy frameworks. The Training of Trainers Forum does not exclusively focus on the training of human resources, but should be viewed as part of a larger strategic picture.



Delivering training at massive scale through Massive Online Open Courses has been omnipresent in the last ve years. How can we further scale up the world of learning? Are there different options out there to stimulate crowdlearning? How can we tap into collective intelligence and make it accessible to all?


How can learners better connect than before? New devices have been brought in and outside our training rooms to connect more and better (Bring your own mobile device). Participants are still connected when they leave the classroom and learning continues anytime, anywhere.


Innovative pedagogical processes change the way we think about learning and training? Digital storytelling offers new perspective where we combine ancient traditions with new learning technologies. Flipped classrooms change how we repurpose the value of class time for in-depth reflections and conversations while we prepare ourselves with online audio-visual lectures and exercises.

Towards the future of learning and capacity development

Inspired by key trends that are shaping the future of learning and capacity development, the Forum will look into advancing learning and capacity development areas that are flexible and drive innovation, while increasing the collaboration and networking between different development partners.


The traditional workshop "factory" model.

Increased use of blended learning (wider adoption of cost-effective technology-enhanced learning solutions in capacity development with strong outreach factors in time and space).

Towards Sustainable learning solutions: Substantial integration of e-learning with effective results, blend between formal and informal learning, gradual improvement of digital literacy, redesign of contemporary learning and knowledge sharing spaces.

The traditional closed vision on expertise content.

The move towards highly networked learning and peer-to-peer learning, increased access to content through open educational resources, growth towards personal learning paths, move towards interdisciplinary approaches, complexity thinking and transformational learning.

Towards sustainable learning solutions: MOOCS for development, increased development networks and communities of knowledge sharing and learning.

There is no impact.

Growing focus on measuring learning and training, increased attention for quality assurance in alternative learning modalities.

Sustainable learning solutions: Move towards ofcial certication models, quality assurance schemes, learning analytics and adaptive learning.









The Forum is for trainers responsible for designing and implementing learning activities; technical specialists occasionally involved in training or facilitation; training evaluators; professionals in charge of organizational learning and change; representatives of employers´ and workers´ organizations.


Tuition cost
2450 EUR

Subsistence cost
600 EUR


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